No More Worries – Let Go of Stress, Self Doubt, Fear and All Negativity


In Australia, the majority of people obey the motto "No Worries". This applies to nearly every situation, and any kind of kind issue. Australians have a reputation of being really lad back, and also loosened up. The phrase is extensively used in Australian speech and stands for a sensation of friendliness, excellent humour, positive outlook and also "mateship" in Australian culture. The expression has often been described as the "nationwide slogan of Australia", and very essentially implies no more worries, and is an exceptional tension management techniques to discover exactly how to allow go of fear overthinking as well as just how to stop worrying. So allow this be the start of exactly how you discover to quit fretting and also start living.

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Let Go of Tension, Self Doubt, Your Worries and All Negative thoughts.

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59 thoughts on “No More Worries – Let Go of Stress, Self Doubt, Fear and All Negativity

  1. He “never gets anywhere” because life is about the journey not the destination. From one perspective we will always be running , to me running symbolizes that he’s learning and gaining knowledge. And there is an infinite amount of knowledge to obtain in life. And we as beings will always want more , it’s a natural part of our existence. Life is about the journey , not the destination .

  2. Open your mind. Think positive! You can do anything, its all in your head! The brain is powerful! Wishing everyone who’s struggling mentally – peace! Love and light all.

    1. Love is what darkness most fears, sending you ALL LOVE ❤ LOVE!
      Please accept and share like a ripple in water.

    2. No hex or spell formed against me will prosper in this dimension or the next I am sending all negative energies and disagreeable entities back to the source tenfold I am divinely blessed I am divinely guided I am divinely protected I am divinely powerful Àse Àse Àse (ah-Shay) ❤️????

  3. You know what the strangest and most rewarding thing about finding this video has been for me? Scrolling and reading through the comments while the music plays. All of these heartfelt, deeply genuine thoughts expressed. Just thrown out into the universe. Often comment sections can be negative spaces, but here, I just found expressions of peace and hope and truth. And it feels warm and real. And it reminds me that we’re connected. Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts so openly and peacefully. Hope this comment finds many more of you and whispers gratitude. You give the world something just by being the truest version of yourself. You are a good soul, deserving of the awareness that you’re connected and loved.

    1. Love is what darkness most fears, sending you ALL LOVE ❤ LOVE!
      Please accept and share like a ripple in water.

  4. This video was so beautiful until I continued watching , feeling peace and serenity overflowing inside me until it quickly changed to how much I relate to this guys, always trying to run towards the light but never really getting there.
    Sorry for the downer I’m just trying to see if anyone else gets the same feeling after a while.

    1. Not every little thing is going to be alright……. because not enough people believe in the name of Jesus. Thus they stand condemned already choosing eternal destruction when eternal life, is what Gid desires for us.

    2. Yeah sure I hope you’re right about that. Because it’s not looking like it’s going to be all right! And I’m not very happy about that either!

  5. I feel more sad than uplifted with the song. It evokes a very thin sense of hope amidst a feeling of loss, deep longing and helplessness. It feels like a heaven and a hell at the same time. Like trying to chase and find something you know you’ll never reach. But knowing you won’t give up either. The cold metal reminds me of the unforgiving laws of the universe, nature and “god”, and that your life has been preordained for you to run that course.

    1. Yes the feeling is mutual and then this… why is there something instead of nothing. I can’t wait to experience my higher lighter self at least then there won’t be this fog of uncertainty and yet I’m not in a rush to find out bcoz infinity simply sounds as depressing

    2. Wow this is exactly how i feel but never really know how to say it, this pretty much life.. beautiful but tragic in a sense.. were all alone, but were all alone together ❤

  6. I listen to this while meditating and I start crying, for thinking about all the pain and suffering that is going on in the world, not just because of covid, but because of all the murders, child abuse, drug addiction, wars, poverty, famine, economic and social dispair, and then I open my eyes and realize I’m in a pretty lucky place, although I’m not a millionaire, I don’t lack anything to live well, I’m healthy, I have a family, a bed, somewhere to sleep, food every day.
    Be grateful for every single thing you have, even the smallest, because someday it may be gone. Love for everyone ??

    1. Everything is God’s creation. Both the good and the bad. Attaching to the good is saying God has made mistakes by creating the bad also. But God never makes mistakes, we’re all part of Creation. Only by letting go our emotional attachment to the Good we shall be free to experience higher states and come closer to realizing who we truly are.

    2. Love is what darkness most fears, sending you ALL LOVE ❤ LOVE!
      Please accept and share like a ripple in water.

    3. @Cristi P. We become closer to God through humility and realizing that only through Christ can one escape this reality. Much love, God bless and PBUY

  7. this music, this frequency, this connection of enlightend souls is a blessing for my ancient and hidden wounds to heal in this wonderful bliss. Namasté and THANK YOU ALL

  8. Since I’ve been meditating this thought always comes to my mind, that in reality we humans are all one enormous organism, and there is really no reason to harm someome else or have bad intentions for other people. Lots of love for everyone ??

  9. Some of the most powerful affirmations:
    -I trust the Universe.
    -I am worthy of receiving my yes.
    -I am worthy enough to attract my dreams and manifest my desires.
    -What is meant for me will always be for me.
    – I am always open to receive from the Universe.
    -I trust the universes timing because it always provides at the perfect moment.
    If you are struggling/having doubts:
    -I am worthy of happiness and fulfillment.
    -My mind is clear and focused in my desires.
    -I am successful in all I do.
    And some tips:
    -Trust your intuition, it will guide you where you need and want to be.
    -If your having doubts or negative thoughts, go and distract yourself (meditate, connect with nature, have a shower)
    -Cleanse negative energy (you can take a bath and put some sea salt in the water and say everything you want to let go)
    -Eat healthy (this affect your vibration)
    -Keep your vibration high (listen to music, dance, sing or just do something that you love)
    -Enjoy the journey.
    -Forgive and start to love yourself.
    -Don´t hide your emotions, feel them, but don’t get stuck with them.

    Have an amazing morning, day or night. Good luck.

    1. Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.
      Romans 5:3‭-‬5

    2. Damn dude, actually I have years wanting to tattoo that frase…thats my life motto. I read that story about impermanence of things, amaizing one for someone in a bad and a good time.

  10. This audio really works. I’m feeling much better right now and I was about to explode minutes ago. I’m glad I found this Thank you.

  11. To everyone who is experiencing a difficult situation:
    To shoot an arrow you have to pull it backwards. So when life drags you back with some troubles, it means it’s going to launch into something better.

    1. That is the single greatest quote I have ever heard in my entire life almost brought me to a tear u actually made me feel so much better thank u

    2. I really hope so, I really do… I will burst not like an arrow, I will burst like a rocket in a space expeditions if that is true.

      You had a chance to do something good, and you did in your own way. Thank you for your effort. I hope you are alright kind soul…

  12. Been listening to this music whenever I need to focus, relax, meditate, or re-evaluate my own problems over the past 3 years of my life. So much has changed in these past years, but whether I listen to it for a couple minutes to clear my mind, or for hours to study and do school work it is always there to enjoy. Thank you for creating this, the unique experience it gives is something no other soundtrack has been able to replicate since my first time hearing it.

  13. For YOU…the person who is reading this comment I wish you a lifetime of happiness, laughter, love, and prosperity! All is well! The Universe is providing! You are safe in this benevolent Universe! ?

  14. Youtube has added a feature that will stop this sleep video after 1 hour to ask if you want to keep watching. This cant be removed – They have advised me, to advise you, that you can download this chrome extension to block the feature and allow you to play the entire video without the pause –
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    Also we have just released our first Art Collection using the artworks from our videos – These limited Edition NFTs can be seen here –

    1. ?/ลืมกันไปดีกว่าสังคมเกลียดชังแค่คนเดียวพวกคุนไม่เคยสำนึกอะไรกันได้เลย_ที่ทำกันคงไมามีอะไรคุย__คงรู้รสใส่ตรากล้าคือใคร

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