The Great Awakening – 3D to 5D Consciousness – 432 Hz + 963 Hz – Manifest Miracles Within


Reveal Miracles as well as elevate your vibration with this 432 Hz regularity. Making use of the 432Hz frequency as a base as well as the included 963Hz resonance line, this track continuously builds on itself, allowing you elevate your resonances and focus your energy on indication as well as elvating your awareness from the 3D to 5d. As the video development you will observe the video begin to advance as the frequency and music develop. We wish you enjoy this new track by BPM, and if you do please assist us grow by preference, sharing and also subscribing. Thanks from all the BPM team.

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The Great Awakening – 3D to 5D Awareness – 432 Hz + 963 Hz.

Let Go of Stress, Self Doubt, Your Worries as well as All Negative thoughts.

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73 thoughts on “The Great Awakening – 3D to 5D Consciousness – 432 Hz + 963 Hz – Manifest Miracles Within

  1. If you are reading this, please understand that you are a good person. You are intelligent. You are lovely. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are special. We are glad you are here with us.

    1. Im not intelligent, i was just looking for my phone with the flashlight on my phone, WHILE reading your comment!!! Good night tho broski 🙂

  2. To the 1% who saw this comment: You are worthy of love and positivity. May you be blessed.
    ❤️ Thanks for sharing.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. To creators of this music: THANK YOU! Soo GOOOOOD!!!
    For those who are reading this: I love you all, so much JOY in the universe is waiting for you to experience it, so much LOVE wants to pour through your being, MONEY is waiting to be spent by you and more……just let it in, its yours! Keep your vibe high!!!! Love you all! We are ALL blessed!

  4. This should be played on loud speakers everywhere, out of your phones and TV news Channels. Let the healing begin. Love & Light to everyone!

    1. I never liked the word should” as it implies guilt & failure – that we aren’t doing the correct thing or the optimum action or thought, BUT we “could” play this on Loud speakers…. So, I am now playing this thru 2 x JBL JRX215 and 2 x JBL JRX218 and 4 x Niles CM730, powered by 2 x Crown XL2500 via a Pioneer DDJ-SX Controller and it sounds fantastic!

  5. I wish with my entire being that someday earth might live as ONE loving community. No countries, no wars, no skin color or race, only love for our fellow earthly beings, beyond anything I’ve ever wanted.

  6. If you’re reading this, congratulations! You’ve made it another day, still alive, your heart still beating. Never lose hope, there is light even in the darkest of times

    1. Thank you so much for your message. That’s so true and so beautiful to be alive another day. Life is a gift, an experience. Play to be happy and take care of each other. Love and gratitude is the keys of happiness. Love you ❤️

  7. The world needs more people like you all in the comments. I’m digging all the love, positivity, and good vibes. Got me a lil choked up and glassy eyed. Thank you all

  8. Miracles are happening all around you, let them in, they were meant for you! Have a magnificent day!

    1. 내 삶에서의 기적은
      그것을 진정 원하는 사람에게 자주 찾아옵니다.

      내 자신을 믿으세요.
      저도 노력하며 명상하겠습니다.

  9. I have never felt like this before. The feeling is overwhelming, yet safe ..and recognizable It’s glorious! Shine your light for those who cannot find their way. I love you all! Peace and much love

  10. To everyone who is experiencing a difficult situation:
    To shoot an arrow you have to pull it backwards. So when life drags you back with some troubles, it means it’s going to launch into something better.

  11. You may feel lonely but, if youre reading this, youll never be alone. You can comment and it will be answered. Don’t go it alone. Loneliness is a horrible thing. Something great is coming your way. Believe it. Be prepared for it. Congratulations.

    1. loneliness is an illusion…we are inter-connected with EVERYTHING..all you have to get is re-connected!

    2. Thank you for reaching out with that love. I feel like one of the loneliest people in the world right now and your acknowledgement & kind words seemed to speak right to me. Namaste. ?

  12. I was feeling really down today. Took a few minutes listening to this music, and so happened to scroll through the comments. There are so many caring, beautiful people in this world..I needed this today. Thank you all for posting about love…no hate or divisiveness.❤️

  13. For anyone who’s feeling low and down like I am, I don’t know you but I value your presence and existence. For whatever that’s worth I hope you all find your way. I know I’m trying to. I wanna give up so bad but I know I gotta push forward. You can do it too.

    1. Don’t ever give up, because at the end of the tunnel is the light rum to it, because 5d earth is gonna be awesome, beautiful ? where everything is ONE LOVE. ☯️?️??

    2. Trust me, if you keep pushing, You WILL make it.If you are able to shift your perceptions, you can change your life as well as how you feel about it.Trust me, I know by experience.All the light to you!!!

  14. To the stranger reading this , I want you to know . You got this . You didn’t come this far just to be taken out by the new world order . You are here and awake at this time for a reason and deep down you know this . You are powerful beyond any words and Devine . I Love you . I embrace you and I send you healing ! 1111

  15. Favor follows you. You are blessed. You are anointed. You are loved. I wish you wonderful things! This year is your year!

  16. When I was saved by Jesus in a near death car accident in July 2018, he told me when I was surrounded by divine love and truth my body would tingle as it was God’s consciousness to the world. The comments from you wonderful, beautiful spiritual awakened people has me tingling and in tears of joy Amen brothers and sisters.

  17. No matter how long you’ve been on your journey eventually you’ll make it to your destination , stay positive guys!

  18. Right in this very moment a wave of miracles and blessings are reaching to all of you, it doesn’t matter where are you or who you are, I’m sending blessing to all of you, freedom, health, peace, wealth and love for you all. Thank you ❤️

  19. Vi poucos comentários de brasileiros aqui, mas quero agradecer imensamente. Se vc está lendo isso, independente da sua origem, eu te amo amado irmão, irmã. Muito! Somos todos um e somos tão amados! Tão abençoados! A luz venceu!

  20. To everyone who sees my message I’m sending love abundance healing and prosperity energy! You are an amazing beam of light. Thank you for just being you. I love you. I value you.

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