EROTIC LUCID DREAMING – “Teasing Fantasy” – Erotic Hypnosis Music


◢ Control your dreams as well as enter your ideal, sensuous dream with our lucid dream trigger music embedded with binaural beats and isochronic tones, utilizing developed sleep cycle waves and REM enhancers. This 4 component track will certainly start you off into light sleep, deep leisure, slow-moving wave and rapid eye movement stages that make up a total rest cycle. To boost your sexual desire also further, make sure you concentrate and imagine on the scenario that you wish to play out in your dream. Place your intents on it up until you allow on your own go and fall asleep. This functions as a type of erotic hypnosis, through this sex fantasizes subliminal it can assist with lucid sex music, which if your lucky, can cause a dreamgasm.

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52 thoughts on “EROTIC LUCID DREAMING – “Teasing Fantasy” – Erotic Hypnosis Music

  1. this MOST definitely works for me. The only problem is that im afraid im going to astral project instead of fall into a dream state, but I closed my eyes for about 5 minutes and then all of a sudden everything got darker and it was like I was looking at this weird ripply water kind of texture, and I could slowly feel the sleep paralysis working but my heart started beating too fast because I just got too excited that it was actually working and it takes me out of the moment. I run into this problem frequently…

    1. Same problem ! When I fall into the trance state with celestial subliminal audios….it actually works for me and I kinda get excited and my dreamy moment becomes conscious aware momemt…same problem…have you found any solution ?

    2. @?? Sleep paralysis for me was scary at first but over the years I’ve learned how to gently rouse myself awake. I’m at the point where I can consciously debate whether to fall back into sleep or wake myself up.

    3. @Marcus Jackson no reason to stop the weed i had a lucid dream with smoking weed last night. I had a dram about an apocalyps that started with meteorites falling onto earth. After that there started to spawn monsters where the meteorites were and i even blocked the infernal explosion of the landed meteorite with a blank pillow like you would block something in monsterhunter world by using a chargeblade. And after that later i had powers like charging a ball of energy that had a very hard impact when hitting something it even shoock the earth below my feet

    4. Okay so basically I don’t know if this trick works, but I heard if you repeat certain phrases like, “I won’t get exited”. You will repeat that in your dream and stay calm through the moment. I hope this helped

  2. I’ve been using this for almost 7 months. It’s actually really great, though I don’t usually have erotic dreams. But it puts me to sleep fast, and gives me long dreams that I remember the next morning, and it like for some reason makes it easier to wake up in the mornings

    1. Wow! Thank you for always listening and we are so happy for that! You can also have a dream journal near you so you can write down your dreams.

  3. This is the best one I’ve found.. Makes me fall asleep fast, stay asleep and see great dreams. I’ve listened to this 5 times now, every time I go to bed. Always works. Some days just a bit harder to remember exactly what happened in the dreams. This is great though! I recommend it

    1. Hi there Erika! Thank you so much for listening and we’re glad that our music works for you every time. You can also have a dream journal near you so you can write down your dreams.

  4. What you think you’ll do with this video: Have an erotic dream
    What you’ll actually do: Don’t have an erotic dream because you’re laughing too much at the comments

    1. I have those when I want them the least. Either that or some messed horror themed dream that rarely makes any sense.

  5. I think this worked, I didn’t dream. But I barely do. But I think I got around 7 hours-which is good for me. I’m gonna try this again tonight, thank you.

  6. The moaning sounds. I had a beautiful dream. I’m never gonna forget this experience ever. I didn’t have an lustful dream but I did have an loving experience with a girl who wants to be just mine. And that feeling was great. Thanks for this beautiful music.

  7. When the hot girl rejects you and says “in your dreams.”
    Me:”see you there.”

    1. Phoebe Cates: “You know how cute I always thought you were, Bradley.”

  8. Man this made my dream great, i literally found the right girl and lived happily with her until the end. It was a wild ride too! Hope you all have something nice too 🙂

  9. I love this i had an amazing dream with my late husband. It was so real i could feel everything. My son woke me up and asked if i was ok bc i was.breathing hard and sweating lmao

  10. I’ve been experimenting with different sounds for the past 2-3 months. Hoping this will take me to a new projection.
    Edit: didn’t have a steamy dream but it was action packed and made me realize selflessness is needed to grow.

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