If you've ever been asking yourself why does materializing take so long, this video clip is for you. Check this out, and absolutely make use of the ideas I have actually supplied!

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My name is Andrea Schulman and also I am a LOA coach as well as teacher from Raising Your Vibration Today (). I deal with individuals to help them make use of the Legislation of Attraction with success.

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38 thoughts on “Why Does Manifesting Take So Long? (Try THIS!)

  1. Be open for all possibilities, it is yours, but believe and know it ? my life is awesome! My thoughts are pure, i am so grateful, today i cried two times, Just because i get what i want, i feel so much love towards God and Jezus and the Angels, i cried because i am so thankful.. Every day i say to myself when i wake up, i am curious what beautiful things this day brings, i am open to all the good things! My days are perfect! I have everything that i desire, and more.. And it keeps on coming to me, simply because i let it happen, and because i am grateful. I love my life! ❤ thank you for reading ???

    1. Wow that was beautiful! I even felt a lot better just by reading your comment! Thank you! 🙂

  2. This kind of videos have great value for all those who wants to really make a step forward in life, not just to get things.

    1. Dejan Obradovic – so true! The subconscious is so primal, yet powerful! After doing ALL the standard techniques, it is defeating to see the “big desires” remain elusive.

    2. L. K. I had that kind of experience before but I also have experiences where everything worked out great. So it works, trust me.

      “In my world
      Love is for poets
      Never the famous balcony scene
      Just a dying faith
      On a heaven’s gate”
      Although this verse is beautiful, it is example how not to do it. Keep the faith, you are there. It is done.

  3. Hi Andrea, this video is extremely helpful – thank you for creating and sharing 🙂 I made the list and asked myself the questions you mentioned which helped me realise that I’m putting too much focus on the limiting beliefs. Would it be useful to make this a daily practice? Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Tania, it would be useful (at least in the short term) to focus on the “opposite” to the limiting beliefs yes. Let that get dialed up in your reality and a shift will ensue 🙂

    2. Thank you so much for replying Andrea – really appreciate it! I’m definitely going to use this for the short term to remove the limiting beliefs 🙂

  4. your advice has helped me so much, thank you! i was wondering if you could do a video on getting in shape and LOA. there were many times in my life where i wanted to get in shape but wasn’t persistent so it didn’t work. i really want to but i know i’ll have the same problem. help!!

  5. Our thoughts , feelings and actions that feel in Alignment with our higher selves and give us feelings of joy , unconditional love and peace can create our reality in a very favorable and good manner…

  6. That is LITERALLY what I need! In my manifesting I always focus on achieving success (after years of struggling). That question could have honestly come from me exactly as it’s phrased. Thank you so much for all this helpful, uplifting advice!!!

  7. I have watched this video some time ago, but am writing the comment only now. Thank you so much for reading my question aloud!!! I feel so honoured! It really made my day, because you are my favorite life coach! The questions that you have provided were very useful and I discovered and dealt with the limitations I had. I don’t feel that stuck anymore and the patience and trust in the goal returned. Thank you again! You are awesome! <3

  8. Wow what a great way to look at things I feel can hinder me from my desires and success. We do have to look deeper within ourselves. The answer was always there, you just have to pay attention. Beautiful response!!!! Blessings??☺☺.

  9. Appreciate the wisdom! The thing that I’m manifesting is so simple yet such a pinnacle in my development spiritually because I’m using it as a test of my mental fortitude ! I’ve even been able to manifest many things besides this certain manifestation and it kind of drives me crazy because it’s been about 9-10 months since I’ve been trying to manifest it and I’ve tried the letting go and forgetting it method and all but still nothing! I’ve recently made a bit of progress though so I feel a bit at ease and I feel it is finally approaching!

  10. Great advices. I’ve seen many coaches but your knowledge makes you the most responsible. Thank you Andrea!

  11. @ ANDREA SCHULMAN – Let me begin with: I think you are an amazing, inspiring, and incredible illuminating spirit. I’m working hard to rid myself of my limiting beliefs, but I don’t see progress. I can’t help but think of this quote:

    “It’s called the Principle of Favorability. Beginner’s luck. Because life wants you to achieve your destiny. Your dreams.
    ~ Paulo Coelho ~ The Alchemist

  12. First day on your channel. Many more to come. I love your straightforward yet intimate way of communicating that helps drive the point with compassion❤

  13. Manifestations for me were taking too long because I was just crusing through life without a set purpose. Now, I know my purpose and I am receiving openings.

  14. I don’t feel like I’ll be able to handle it or something. With great power comes great responsibility and all that. Sometimes we’re not ready for greatness. This holds me back a lot

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