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My name is Andrea Schulman and also I am a LOA content maker. I reveal individuals how to make use of the legislation of tourist attraction with SUCCESS.
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My Revenue TRIPLED When I Did This!|Regulation of Destination.

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46 thoughts on “My Income TRIPLED When I Did This! | Law of Attraction

  1. Oh my. This video be a exactly what I had in my mind this morning but needed a sign. This is my sign. Thank you sooooo much ??

  2. I Manifested a large some of money last week! Thank you! Abundance flows to me in large sums on a continuous basis from known and unknown sources!

  3. Beautiful Video, how we should FEEL when we actually go shopping and how we invest our time …. Great 2 Tips very well explained here, I invested my time well by watching your above video TWICE

  4. It can sound weird, but buy new frangances to my collection make me feel really wealth and rich. I have used these impulses to buy new perfumes to go further in my prosperity journey and it weirdly works really well to me haha

    1. @Jameca Hall I think it’s Dior Homme Intense. It makes me fell really rich and the smell is so gourgeous ❤

    2. I do the same. I have quite a few niche for great prices. Nevertheless, they are officially expensive. So when I wear them, I feel like a 1 mill chick.

  5. I love the first advise the most, lately I have been trying to make more money and considering things I Know I don’t enjoy. I will just relax, do what I love and trust in God

  6. Andrea you are such an inspiration for me. Since I started watching your videos and applying your ideas my finances and life in general had gotten much better. Needless to say how grateful I am. Keep posting more of this valuable stuff because followers like myself do truly appreciate it.

  7. Before doing the manifestation test, I hadn’t seen a rubber duck for years. Not even a picture of one. Three weeks passed by without anything happening, and I had completely forgotten about the exercise. While helping a friend move to a new house, I noticed about twenty or more tiny rubber ducks beneath a chest of drawers that I was carrying out of the room! My friend kept them for his ferret, who liked to put them away in the bottom drawer. A week later, my sister dragged me into a gift store. A display table in the back of the store had four large rubber ducks, each one the size of an adult duck.

  8. I always prefer to say “I appreciate” rather than saying “I am thankful” because I feel like I am increasing rather than trying to be worthy. Thank you again as usual for your great content, fantastic style sense and bright inspiration!

  9. One of the biggest keys I’ve found to mastering finances is to remember that money is not actually Real . What we want is the direct connection to Source that we have moment to moment . Ironically all the money that we need comes effortlessly by that point . Great video Andrea ! Thanks for being one of the people that inspires me to post videos every single day ! Much Love ?

  10. Thank you Andrea, I’m a flower farmer who rescues animals. So as planting flower and veggies seeds I will remember to plant money seeds every day.

  11. Hi Andrea. I did your manifestation test! I used the drum. I pictured an African drum and although I didn’t manifest it within 48 hours like the test says, it was a day or two after and I walked past a window and RANDOMLY there it was! I could not believe it. It worked. And the let go part of what you teach truly helps. After 48 hours I would normally be like oh my word it’s not coming, it’s not happening and it’s meant to. But this time I just knew in my heart and I’d see it and manifest it and when the time line came and went, I kept knowing that it was still coming. And it did ❤️ how amazing ✨ thank you for showing me this! Your videos have started making a difference in my life ? thank you

  12. 1 CHILL Stop stressing. Only work on things we truly enjoy, and STOP when it ceases to become enjoyable in order to be led to more abundance
    2 Appreciate our spending as ways to make us feel and attract increasing levels of abundance
    3 Plant money seeds – building our lives in real terms

  13. Yes! I have noticed that every time i get out of the house to spend money, my money come to me at that time from different directions ? also noticed that with shopping just like you mentioned above! Feels so great not to worry ? this state of mind was the best thing i created for myself, with your guidance, ofc ?❤️?

  14. Thank you, Andrea. I felt some change recently in spending money. Normally I would feel more guilty and worried bout how the money I spent will come back again. But it the last couple of days it just felt fun and „right“ – and you talk about seeing it as investment, it really can feel like this! Amazing advice!

  15. I once was slow quitting a job, as they say, so I started coming in late, leaving early, not going to team work lunches, doing less work and guys, I started getting promotions! Hilarious. ❤️

  16. Andrea, you’re the best! I love your perspective and delivery, and most of all, I love to see and hear your laugh??❤

  17. Hi Andrea, thank you so much for your videos! They are very helpful ?❤️
    I was wonderful if you could do a video on what vibration I should try to emit after someone takes advantage of my trust and have taken a lot of money from me? This has happened to me twice now and I don’t know why I keep attracting it but I’m stuggling on how not to feel angry and taken advantage of afterwards.

  18. I always start my day with one of Andrea’s videos and find it sets the keel for the whole day. This was a very encouraging one Andrea,… following these guidelines helps tremendously to change our views on what is taking place in our reality,… Well Done : )

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