In this video I'll show to you just how to show up anything. I'll additionally share a personal step-by-step tale on exactly how I manifested something I absolutely really did not believe would certainly happen for me. Delight in!

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My name is Andrea Schulman as well as I am a LOA instructor as well as teacher from Raising Your Resonance Today. I collaborate with individuals to help them make use of the Regulation of Destination with success.

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37 thoughts on “How to Manifest Anything You Want (Yes, Anything!)

  1. I love this Andrea, ive been watching you for two years. I manifested weight loss, moving to San Francisco for college (with over 160K in scholarships), went to Europe last year. Grew a lot during the quarantine, took the pandemic and made good out of it, clear skin, solved family problems. And I just turned 19 last year. The acting as if method WORKSSSS

    1. @Gaming Dualities To be fair, he didn’t credit my work with his success in his comment at all…just mentioned he’d been watching me for a couple of years (which is very appreciated by me).

    2. @Andrea Schulman well i give you credit for my two years of growth you have been always there for me. Thank you so much

  2. 1) Set intention
    know what you want
    Focus on Internal motivation!
    What do YOU want?

    2) Believe you can have it
    release limitations
    come to alignment with the idea that you can have it
    reframe your thinking

    3) Think and act as if
    dress the part
    act the part
    it should feel good

    4) Follow the trail
    inspired action
    if you get ideas, do it immediately

    5) Detach from the outcome
    detaching is easy
    focus on the journey instead of the destination
    enjoy the journey

    if its a big dream, let it go

  3. I feel the BIGGEST, most successful step in amazingly quick results is just letting it go, trusting the universe. You’ve set the intention, got the feeling of the experience, held onto it for a decent amount of time, then just release the desire and do your best to forget it.

    It’s difficult to do, I know, I’ve been working to improve my health with LOA for nearly a year, and I’m only recently figuring out how to ‘let go’ of the desired outcome and living like I’m okay, even on the worst days. Basically it’s living the desired outcome without having it, and not stressing about it not being all the way manifested yet, or being hung up on how it’ll happen.

    Truly I’ve been amazed at other things I’ve just randomly thought of, didn’t think would happen right away, forgot about…then they manifested out of the blue, in days! The universe always has our back, we just need to get out of our own way sometimes.?

    Much love, another stellar vid!?

    1. hey, I practice law of attraction each day but what I am trying to manifest is something really big and I don’t know what actions I should take to achieve that. Is it okay to not take any action? Will it still manifest?

    2. Thank you for sharing your experience here on letting go. Yes! That is really the most important step in my opinion too XOXO

  4. I love this video. I’ve noticed how things can get really screwy when you’re indecisive about what you want. I’ve learned that in a big way this year! ?❤️?

    1. Hi Andrea, and yet another amazing LOA content from you. Thank you very much!! Do you think you can do a separate video on internal motivating factors? I think I am good on the external (visualizing the desired outcome that involves other people) but I’d learn more on internal motivation. Thank you so much! Sending heaps of love to you!

    2. I just did Law of Attraction test last night. To be honest, I just want to have a try so as to know whether real or not … and today bingooooo…here it go , I just saw the rubber duck ( including its sound) from my niece 2 hours ago ( it all happens as I have imagined in 24 hours). Woww

  5. Knowing what you want and setting your intention is EVERYTHING! Thank you so much for this!

  6. Hello Andrea, Thank you for all Your Wonderful and Unique videos… It’s highly appreciated…
    Our Lives can only be understood Backwards, but it must be Lived Forwards… Cherish every moment…
    Wish You and Your Family, all Blessings of The Divine Universe.

  7. Your positive attitude and beautiful face are so attractive to us, Andrea. Thank you again for this new learning! ?

  8. Takeaways for me-
    Step1- How to set the intentions properly. What do YOU want?
    Focus- Internal motivations
    What others ‘think is irrelevant.
    I want ___.
    If you’re waiting for the external world to change to feel better you’re gonna be waiting forever. (Thanks Andrea ❤️ for this line)
    Step2- Believe that you can have it.
    Be in the alignment of the idea that it IS possible and you can have it..❤️( Thank you Andrea for this.)
    Reframe how you look at this situation.
    All things are possible.❤️
    Catch your negative self talk, reframe them, open up the gates of possibilities.
    Step3- Act as if you have it.
    Relaxed state. A state of inner ease and security.
    “How would someone who had this be acting right now?” (Thanks for this!❤️) Take it easy.
    Step4- Follow the trail.
    Get an idea or aha moment, do it.
    Step5- Detach from the outcome.
    Release the idea that you need it to happen. Let it go.
    Detaching is easier than clinging to the outcomes.
    Easiest way- Focus on the journey than the destination. ❤️
    Letting go is crucial with BIG dreams. ?

  9. 1. Set the intention
    2. Have a belief in it
    3. act as if you have it
    4. Follow the trail
    5. Detach
    Andrea schulman ?

  10. Your channel is like a fresh breeze in the “law of attraction landscape” on YouTube. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

  11. You explain everything so well! Thank you! You really make it seem effortless and easy and the personal examples really help!

  12. Totally related to this story. I went through the same with my son. It really helped me understand the manifestation steps and made them practical to everyday life. Thank you Andrea, and may you always be blessed and prosperous ?

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