I hope you enjoy this simple recommendation on just how to overcome missing out on a person with the Legislation of Tourist attraction!

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The Regulation of Tourist attraction can be used for any kind of objective you wish, consisting of how to overcome missing out on someone you want to release!

My name is Andrea Schulman as well as I am a LOA coach and instructor from Raising Your Resonance Today (). I deal with individuals to assist them make use of the Regulation of Attraction with success.

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36 thoughts on “How to Get Over MISSING SOMEONE (Law of Attraction)

  1. Andrea! Thank you so much for this video! Exactly what I needed. Also Ive been facing this issue, Ive been trying to attract my ex back into my life but he has another girl in his life. Kind of. She always tweets and talks about things on social media, as if to let the world know hes ‘hers’. It hurts me. I know I love him and he loves me but this causes a huge pain in me. And apparently according to her tweets, he tells her he misses her all the time and runs back to her. He doesnt do that with me. Should I just give up? Or is there still hope?

    1. Misha Ali delete them both off social media. Act as if. You’re attracting more of what you’re focusing on..
      act as if. And release attachment let go.

  2. This was so eloquently put! I never thought it would be so simple!! You have totally helped me switch my mindset after almost a year of missing my ex.

    1. Any advice for me it’s been almost two weeks and I miss my ex that was cheating on my. Will it go away eventually. We have no contact.

  3. I wish I would have seen this a few months ago but I got through it practicing what you just said. It was difficult but Thank God I got through it. I love all your videos. They are inspiring and have helped more than you know. I also subscribed to Raise your vibration. ?

  4. Awesome !!!??????☺?—–creating absence of something that creates presence of something that allows the things that you want to do—deliberate attraction—-creating happiness.?

    1. That doesn’t really help me what ever I do it just makes me think of her and how long it’s gonna take to see her agian

  5. I’m a tween (12 years) and I really miss my mom she’s supposed to be home for 4 more days ( she’s been gone for 2 now) and I really miss her I haven’t been away from her for more than 4 days and I really miss her

  6. Every person in our life be there vibrational level matches ,if the person is may be in higher vibration ,he/she don’t have a time to spend with us if they find definitely they give special care and affection ,in the same way if the person in lower vibration he or she trying to pull us and give negative comments whatever we do ,so best way in that ignore them ,if doesn’t match simply they fade away from us in time

  7. Nice advice, but what if you still have an attachment for someone you broke up with, and they died! Unless thats nutralized, i think that prayers of forgiveness and release are the key, here!

  8. Wow! I’ve been searching for my entire life.. you’re amazing… I was so depressed today thinking how people left me.. this is an ultimate solution! Thank you so so much!!! Much love❤❤❤

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