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40 thoughts on “A quick MANIFESTING TRICK for your BIG DESIRES!

  1. There’s no desire too big for the universe ! Be very clear and specific and visualize the steps to get there ♡ yes !! Focus on the steps and make them your intention
    Love this !

    1. @amanda claireon this is a different theory please realize they are no more n stay in current reality moving on.. In a good way =(

    2. hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about
      law of attraction manifestation signs
      try Patlarny Fulfil Fortunate Principle (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend got amazing success with it.

    3. Steps will come naturally along the way, if you want marriage, do NOT begin planning yourself!! It ruins everything — let god handle it

  2. This does make logical sense! I’m working on manifesting health. I’ve lived with a debilitating painful issue almost 9 years now. So instead of trying to manifest complete healing I’ll work on manifesting small improvements. I’m also working on manifesting an acoustic guitar. I just worked on getting clear and specific which one I want…not sure what the next small step would be?

    1. Sometimes it helps to “ask” for the next step:) You can get an idea that points you in the right direction, like going to a store and checking one out-contacting sellers of the product online, could be anything 🙂

    2. Liam, please check out vids on fasting. Check with your Dr ofc. Dr Mindi Pelz, Dr Pompa, Dr. Berg, Snake Diet ..
      Much Care

  3. Living in the END using the power of imagination as well as acknowledging that theres a bridge of incidence leading to the manifestation is way better than visualizing in small steps.

    1. While I believe you can do BOTH living in the end and focusing on the steps, Andrea’s technique is really powerful for manifestations that absolutely require action. For example, I want to write a book. I’ve done a lot of visualization of the book being finished, receiving a letter from the publisher, seeing my name on the bestseller list, etc. But I’m still overwhelmed at the thought of writing a whole book and I know I’m not going to wake up one day to a fully written novel. If I break it down, like she suggests, I can make it more manageable while still living in that feeling of the end result like Neville’s teaching. 🙂

    2. Anything is possible to God!
      Live in the end, it ruins everything when we meddle… with out limiting beliefs and hangups and resistances and whatnot — working and planning things ourselves is not the same as trusting the Universe to manifest,, quite the opposite — if we have trust, WHY ON EARTH would we get in the middle and cause mostly pain

    1. David M Jackson Good stuff!!! If you need some motivation to stay positive, I suggest checking out “Walkin’ the Yard” with Wes Watson here on YouTube. He’s rough around the edges, but he has a positive outlook.

    2. @ren Most things take time. I wouldn’t want to trust a doctor who had instantly manifested a medical degree and not spent years studying at medical school.

    3. @David M Jackson lmao u wouldn’t want to but u can manifest literally anything and any amount of time and it’s simple just not easy to do . i’ve done some pretty impossible things

    4. @ren Miraculous things are only possible because things which already exist work together in ways we didn’t expect or understand until afterwards.

  4. Amazing! I want to manifest the job, the husband, the body… Sometimes I don’t know what to do to manage all of this, the video really helped me!

  5. Hi Andrea, I appreciate your videos – they are so clear to understand and to the point!

    I resonate completely with everything you are sharing.

    I recently received your channel since I’ve asked the Universe to receive clear answers that I resonate with and here I received you as a suggestion from YouTube.

    I have been asking more clarifications with certain subjects and I always receive a video from you that explains it so well.

    ***The one question I have that surfaced today is: Intuition vs Practiced Belief

    How do I decipher an answer/guidance from my Intuition or from a Belief since I have practiced it I know it works for me?

    And the belief feels good but I just don’t know if it is to my best highest interest and for all involved even though I know it works – it only works because it’s a practiced thought. The reason I’m asking is because I desire to take on a new belief that I know if I practice that I know it will work too but it’s been a challenge being consistent in that new state of being – I do desire to take the least resistant way possible so I’m not going against my flow but how can I decipher that?

    Your aligned assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  6. This makes so much sense now. I’ve been trying so hard to menifest something from past few months but nothing happened. Living in the end is not that easy and tbh its so hard to believe that things can go that way i’ll rather menifest the small steps. Thank u so much. I’ll update if this works.

    1. If you believe that you are trying to manifest, you have lost half the battle. Don’t think about how hard it is. Just look at the view from the top, sometimes this is the difference.

  7. Hey Andrea! I love your videos and recently i watched your 2 to 3videos and really love your content …. I am hoping that what I manifest (dream job) will come true by next year ….Thank you for this video ?

  8. Holy cow! I just found you today and I’m so happy I did! You’ve already been so helpful! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us!! Subscribed! Much love ❤️

  9. Thank you Andrea!

    Do step by step manifestation for your big goals.
    Break your big goal into smaller goals, in segments & do it step by step. Manifest the steps. This is also more believable. This keeps you present focused. It makes it more reachable, believable for you– this lowers your resistance.

  10. Thanks for the video, I am expecting to manifest my privacy, peace, health, and comfort back to a 100% also I am expecting to manifest my soulmate, financial freedom and start to live my best life ?❤️?

  11. Really, really great trick. I did this recently with a business project I was working on without knowing that’s what I was doing and it made the process go so much more smoother and it was more enjoyable. Thanks for sharing this!

  12. Yesssssssssssss??? Exactly what has been on my mind. I get down because I want to manifest big time but I know realistically I have a journey to get there.

  13. Love this and love your videos. I love your approach to manifesting. You’ve taught me so much! Thank you.

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