Want to manifest a warm body this year? Here are my leading suggestions to show up the best figure (and also they're possibly a whole lot less complicated than you assume!) ⬇.

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33 thoughts on “5 Tips to Manifest the PERFECT Physique!

  1. You’re an inspiration Andrea. Thank you for all the effort you put into this content to share with us. Happy new year ?

  2. – I just want to let anyone who’s reading this comment know. I wish you great success, health, love and happiness! ✨

  3. Andrea you are really my role model. Am 34. Went through a transformation 2 years ago where I shed almost 25 kg. I feel more healthy and more loving towards myself. That’s how I want to be at 41 and above. My love and support ?

  4. This is actually perfect timing and you mentioning the 80/20 rule was really inspiring and helpful. My goal is to keep improving my fitness by maintaining my strength and looking more shredded. Thank you Andrea??

  5. I am 58 tomorrow! Honestly I think I am as fit or fitter than I have ever been (or pretty much). I have found that fitness routine that gives results for me (thanks to the Pandemic ?)
    Last year my work outs started making me sick though, I could do them, but several hours later I would crash. I didn’t realize when I started getting every infection around that my immune system was collapsing. I couldn’t work out consistently for months, I was forced to rest and allow my body to heal. I am back at it now and getting blood tests next week. Hopefully good to go hard again. I need to learn the bit about “easy days” and I need to work my nutrition so my body can support my active lifestyle. Sitting on a couch for the next 30 years till I drop dead is not an option ?

    1. Happy Birthday Christine!! Yes, going too hard can absolutely cause you to crash (I’ve dealt with this too). Give your body time to rest and you’ll find you can achieve a lot more as you move forward. Happy New Year!

  6. As a kid, I took gymnastics for years and really enjoyed it. I have been looking for a gymnastics class for adults since it’s a great full body workout, and hope to find one locally this year.

  7. Whatever I learn from your videos I implement as much as possible. After watching your previous video on abundance I bought a new wallet where I put it a lot of big cash notes arranged nicely. It makes me feel rich. Also I have started being more generous in tipping people. I also leveled up my puchase and didn’t ponder too much whilst deciding to purchase a Baggit wallet. So in a way whatever I learn I put into practice. Grateful Andrea!

  8. Thank you Andrea for this type of fitness content! Please keep it coming ? You & your way of presenting this is so enlightening and inspirational since a healthy mindset and healthy body supports our manifestation goals. Have a very blessed 2022!

  9. A small plug for Andrea’s full fitness program. I got it a year ago and really benefitted from it. As a kid and youth I was very athletic, this afforded me years of bonus fitness. However, what you focus on grows and what grew was lack. I needed a shift. Just going to the gym wasn’t cutting it. I had used trainers, etc, but just wasn’t finding the connection. Then my knee’s began to get stuck. I needed help. With the program and some rethinking, I began to find solutions. I now walk 5 miles a day. I do yoga. I feel better. It helps. Get it, even just to help your mental game.

  10. Thank you Andrea. This year I will get to my ideal weight of 140 pounds, get stronger and keep feeling like a 25 year old.(I am 57 ?). Have a blessed 2022.

  11. I gain muscle very easily, and that’s part of my goal. But my main goal is weightloss. As of today my weight is 143 lb and I have the goal of weighting 135 lb. I go 4-5 times a week to the gym. And cut down my carbs and sugar. I’m excited to see the tips for today!

  12. Define your fitness goals
    Identify and eliminate your limiting beliefs
    Follow the path given
    If you’re not enjoying it, it won’t work for you, and Consistency trumps effort/intensity
    Make friends with food/stop villianizing food
    Follow the path of least resistance
    80% of gains from from 20% of efforts/activities

  13. This video is SOOO accurate because I lost 12kg’s by doing *all* of these things over the course of one year. I’m in the best shape ever, these actually work ? It’s good you made a video on this Andrea, to help other people with their weight loss journeys

  14. I’m currently on a health journey to manifest a healthy strong body. Three years ago I could barely walk and I was in immense daily pain. I changed my story and my limiting beliefs about myself and now I can walk 5 miles easily. I then sorta got stuck so now I’m focusing back in. Just today I published a video talking a bit about my health journey. Now I’m ready for chapter two! I lost 65 lbs and now I am going to lose 68 more.

  15. I started doing what i am drawn to intuitive eating, (switching to all organic food and include grassfed meat and berkey filtered water), intuitive lifting, some awkward implement training, suspension trainer exercises, yoga, walking, alot more high quality sleep, adaptogens and good rest. I do like what you mentioned about what you are drawn to all of my style for this is unique, i love barefoot kettlebell training and walking in minimalist shoes. Getting happy really helps lose bodyfat.

  16. 5. Harness the power of 80/20
    4. Make friends with food
    3. Start easy and go easy
    2. Don’t accept limits
    1. Follow the path you are given.
    I think these were the 5 points to follow.

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