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38 thoughts on “?DOMINATE your REALITY with the power of your mind!

  1. Wow, this video was made for me, and at the right time!
    I have been attracting many dominant examples in my life and rejecting such behaviour in other people.
    Right now I am experiencing true dominance and control and the fruits of it.
    The real challenge for me is to counter dominance and control in other people and not being intimidated by them.
    Thank you Andrea, for sharing this video!

    1. I’m having the same challenge myself. I feel frustrated bcuz I recently noticed a dominance power control issue with my landlord ( property manger lady)
      I don’t know why or what it is but she’s very aggressive with me & I’ve never been more relaxed with her & respectful of everything. She’s always coming at me rudely, accusingly & just judge mental & I never have done anything to create this at least not to my knowledge. Finally I stood up to her when she called me accusing me of things & I told her not to ever call me accusing me of anything & to get the full story before being judge mental twds me. I don’t know if I’ve created this myself or if it’s just backed logged karma coming my way idk but I’m trying so hard to figure out how I can get her to stop with my own mind power :/

  2. I’ve been implementing Andrea’s strategies and seeing success. 2 days ago I went to Target to buy a bathing suit. Now clothes shopping for a plus size woman like me is often torture, let alone BATHING SUIT shopping. I have literally not bought myself a new suit in 10 years and I wouldn’t have now except I was invited to a pool party AND my trusty 10 year old suit got a rip in it. So here I was, doing the most dreaded activity, but I wasn’t anxious. I browsed all of the suits, including the bikini’s, not automatically ruling anything out. I kept passing it over a suit I liked because it was “too big” and there was only 1 but finally I tried it on and it fit so good!!! None of the other suits I tried on fit. This is MY suit, I thought. Uh oh, no price tag. When I got to check out, the price was double what I was wanting to spend. I turned to my boyfriend and said, “It’s the only one that I both like AND fits so I have to buy it”. The clerk casually does her thing then leans in to whisper to me, “I gave you 20% off”. As we were leaving, boyfriend asks why the clerk did that. I said it was because the universe wants me to go after what I want and when I do, despite the obstacles, I get rewarded. The next place we went, a man who was selling roses gave me a rose. He didn’t ask for money or anything, he just wanted to make me smile. Why did that happen, boyfriend asks. Because the universe is confirming that I understood the bathing suit assignment.

    1. Bless you for sharing this! It gave me tears of hope! Your vulnerability is rippling through YT!

  3. yes she’s so right! I do this with parking on the street. I affirm, “There is a parking space open and available waiting for me” and there always is 🙂

    1. I say “I don’t need umbrella because rain stops for me” and my friends get annoyed as it works for me ? living in UK ?? rain country ?

    2. Hey same here I do the same for parking spot in front of my house and there’s always one
      That’s so awesome ?

  4. The beautiful universe guided me to this video because it’s exactly what I need right now. Thank you, Andrea.

    1. Command? or relax and Receive direction from the universe. I have done both. Think of meditation as linking up and connected with a walkie talkie. I have manifested many things in my life but a few years ago I decided to think back on the top three most profound manifestations to understand what was the most effective techniques. There are teachers and Gurus all over the place teaching contradictory methods. What I realized surprised me and angered me a little because I felt many of the Gurus were either frauds or were intentionally misleading people away from the truth. What I learned is there are 4 major ways to commune with your higher self.

      1. Relax, ask for direction or answers (What to do next, or where are my car keys)
      2. Relax, zone out and just connect with the IAM
      3. Use the “Stopped Clock Is Right Twice A Day” method of manifesting. Hold desired state in your consciousness while passing into/out of sleep/theta brainwave state.
      4. Energize with lifeforce deep breathing, concentrating like a laser and blasting a broadcast to the moon and back your desired state.

      The most powerful, most hidden and the technique you will be most led away from is #4. which I believe is because it is the most effective. The more they get you to zone out and be peaceful the least you will effect the quantum matrix.. leaving it for them to control instead.

  5. Today I align with my inner flow state and become One with everything in this 3D World ?️❣️? blessings to All and happy Easter ?

  6. Hi Andrea! Thank you for your videos, I always enjoy them especially that little giggle you have! As I listened to your examples, it reminds me of having a “knowing”. When you have the knowing that you already have your desire, you also have that king/queen mindset and body language that affirms it. People, places, and things adjust to accommodate you. I have seen it happen in my own life until something or someone says or does something to get me out of that vibration. Your videos keeps me reminded that it’s all about me and how I feel, act and do and not about anyone else! Nice!

  7. Thank you Andrea!! Perfect timing! I find myself running at full speed trying to get things accomplished—seems like the harder I try the more obstacles are thrown my way. Going to put on the crown today and slow down my pace:)

  8. Ooh, I love this one, Andrea, because I just experienced both of these.

    Yesterday I noticed there was traffic on my route home from school drop off so I called a friend, we had coffee – she even treated me to coffee. I missed all the traffic and took the morning really easy and got through everything I wanted to do with time to spare.

    This morning I noticed we would have loadshedding (no electricity) during my work cycle and the thought stressed me out. I went into reaction. I started pushing, trying to control everything and the result was more stress.

    Then I listened to your video and noticed how I was messing up my day and switched back to ease right away.

    What a difference! The traffic literally disappeared like the sea parting ways. I won’t be surprised if loadshedding doesn’t happen in our area after all today because now I’m in control.

    Thank You! ? Such a useful, lifechanging trick.

  9. My favorite mantra is “LIfe is rigged in my favor.” It’s from Rumi, but I take it as mine.

  10. Yes, I do this all the time Andrea, especially when I am driving to work and know that I’m going to be a bit late. Instead of panicking and driving like a maniac and putting mine and everyone else’s life in danger, , I crank up the music and enjoy the drive and tell myself, I’ll get there when I get there. After I get there, 99% of the times I am told, “your client just called, she is running late by a few minutes” ?
    Needless to say, I feel “in control”.
    I KNOW I’m in control.

  11. I didn’t realize how much I needed this! I have very much been a “trying to dominate, assert, hustle” person. I’ve started to realize this is not the way to create my universe but I haven’t heard anyone explain it like you! Thank you!

  12. This is such important advice. This is why “fake it ‘till you make it” works! I became confident by pretending, why not rich/powerful or whatever? Desperation is the worst vibration for manifesting because it shows fear and doubt. You get what you most expect. Much love and thank you Andrea! ?

  13. I was listening to this while taking my evening walk and getting into the crown state I started approaching cross walk the cross lights started changing automatically as I approached them. I didn’t have to push anything, now 3 in a row I’m still walking. This is crazy because I promise you every-time I walk the neighborhood I’m standing at the corner waiting on the lights to change or running towards a changing light. It was like the lights were waiting for me. OMG!!! Seriously, it just happened a 4th time!!! ? thank you! ?? ?. I can’t want to see how this effects my personal contacts with people.

  14. Just found your channel and Love the way you present , I have been practicing to create my desired reality for a while and what you said here has completely worked for me

  15. im so glad i was led to your channel i absolutely love the way you explain the law of attraction! so clear

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