Wish to find out quantum physics the EASY means? Allow's do it. Welcome to quantum physics for dummies;-RRB- Simply kidding, you recognize I like you!

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32 thoughts on “Quantum Physics for Dummies (A Quick Crash Course!)

  1. Everything is energy, we are all ONE and connected to everything and to source ? infinite realities, infinite possibilities, infinite potential ! love the way you explained it and love the title of this video! ???

    1. @Andrea Schulman Have you done a video on energy and how to effects us in US? Interesting video, didn’t learn this in school.

  2. I loved this! You said it so clear and it helps remind me of HOW scientifically we create our own reality. This really helped me. I am actually a former physics major turned spiritual person. So I appreciated this deeply. I just want to add for fun that when a particle does something or moves or changes or whatever the wave function of the particle changes EVERYWHERE in the ENTIRE universe INSTANTLY! In other words it can be felt at every single point in the universe in some way at the exact moment it changes. So to me…. this just feels like a lovely way to remember that everything is connected. And that feeling sand intuition are so valid..I am thankful to have found your videos these last few months. They have helped me and I have really enjoyed the wide and very correct range of your talks. Sincerely, -Adam

    1. That’s so cool to hear! About your conversion ha – just teasing
      I really meant the instant s wave thing. It explains much about the collective unconscious. Thank you for the fun fact!

  3. This is exactly how I understand LOA to work! All manifesting does is manipulate energy of particles so that things, people and animals fulfil our desires. I have a science background and it makes perfect sense to me ?

  4. I’ve watched several videos on this topic, and I can say that this is the simplest explanation I’ve found. ?

  5. Great video thank you for the clarity and energy!! PS – OMG I just figured out how time travel and multiple dimensions are possible from this video!! Infinite thanks!

  6. This is the best explanation of quantum physics I’ve come across in years! You are a great teacher.

  7. Thank you so much, Andrea!
    This was very helpful.
    I’m going to watch it a few times lol
    I want to make sure to understand this.
    I highly resonate to the idea of a quantum universe/realities
    I love all your videos! ✌️❤️?

  8. I am 64 years old and finally understand quantum physics! Had you been my science teacher, I might not have become a lawyer. Thanks!

    1. how come when we zoom in so far, things get very blurry, just like pixels on a screen…? ever wonder just how physical we actually are? if atoms are so spread apart, and we are made up of atoms, are we really so physical? or could we be something like a projection?

    2. what if we aren’t observing a wave in the double slit experiment, but rather observing the frequency of our universe itself?

  9. Thank you Andrea. Your teaching skills really shine through this video. I love your work and videos. I aspire to be as good as you in my own similar work. Namaste! ?

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