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57 thoughts on “ELIMINATE Time Delay | Manifest Now! ⚡️

  1. Instant manifestations are possible, if you know that they are! ✨ But forget about time and think of it as a pressure- and urgency-free manifestation game that you win anyway, so it doesn’t matter when, time is irrelevant. ?
    Andrea’s tips are spot on in this one! ?

    1. Nothing manifests faster than using breathing exercises, and energy ball visualization done properly and there is a very good reason for it. You trigger universal existential desires and supercharge your energy field so you can broadcast above and beyond an almost incomprehensible amount of background noise. Take away all the hocus pocus and confusing teachings you have heard and just think of charging your body’s energy field like charging your cell phone, and blasting an intention to the universe. Deep breathing exercises and holding your breath while tightening your root chakra and visualizing transmutes sexual and life force energy.

      I have manifested many things over the years but when I did a serious deep dive into the most important, amazing life changing manifestations I was shocked by how quick they happened. I was there, I lived it and experienced it but I was so close I was blinded by the familiarity. They happened in a couple of hours, the next day and lightening bolt instant manifestation. (Like Bewitched or I Dream Of Jeanie) When things happened so fast my stubborn mind thought it had to be a coincidence because I presumed it would take months or years to manifest but the more you know about advanced manifestation you more you understand that if its going to happen at all it will be ever sooner rather than later. The universe is all about the NOW. Now can come in the form of your spouse arriving tomorrow at noon at the airport. So if your manifestation is something that is about them it may be that tomorrow is your ASAP NOW. One of my most massive manifestations came a couple of hours later. But that is only because after my meditation I had a strange instant thought to hop in the shower, put on a tie and go to a certain place and it took time to get there. And I don’t wear ties and never had one on in 5 years.
      I would just like any person serious about manifesting to make the world a better place to know that the most important things will happen soon.

    2. What if you took the 5 minute text, but didn’t see or hear about the object. Does that mean the person wouldn’t be the creator of their own universe? Thank you.

  2. This video reminded me of the importance of setting the intention and letting go instead of chasing them down/constantly looking for when it’s going to happen??

  3. Remember that you’re amazing! Your parents, your ex’s, toxic people etc. Don’t make them become you. You must let go of what they have done. You must move on from what they did. Don’t carry the poison of hurt expecting your life to change. One must heal, forgive and let go to make SPACE for a new life.

    ~Much Love from a Law of Attraction YouTuber?

    1. We don’t need to “heal.” Why would anyone give their power away by choosing to “heal” when (s)he is already what (s)he desires? Choosing to believe in the need to heal causes resistance. Keep it real ?

  4. I needed $ in college I was broke college kid. Car was on E and pay day was days away, I had a few things to eat at home so I just prayed God help me. I went outside to clean up the parking lot of trash and there, in the dark, I found $20 stuck in a mud puddle. It was dark out, in the middle of the night but the moon light and God made me see the $20. I grabbed it, dried it and out gas in my car. I thanked God.

  5. I was driving down the road with my kids one day and we were listening to Abraham Hicks. They ask me a question to clarify and I said to them well sometimes you can just ask the universe for a sign because that’s very general and you will know when the sign comes. My kids said will how long do you have to wait for the sign?
    Just as he said that one of those easel type signs that you see outside of a shop fell off of a truck in front of us and I had to Swerve so we did not hit it.
    And I looked at my son and we all laughed and I said that’s how long.

  6. My grandson and I were walking the other day and in order to show him about manifestation, we came up with wanting to manifest a brown and white feather. Within a minute or two we came across a brown and white feather…one I have never seen before. It was awesome!

    1. My kids and I decided on something that would be big and definitely noticeable, we asked for a purple vehicle… we couldn’t decide what kind, so we just giggled and said “a big, purple vehicle of some kind.” As we walked and checked things off our list, here comes a HUGE purple boat on a trailer down the highway! ?

    2. @Corey Holbrook You know what would be great: if you and your kids practice instant manifestation again, get it on video, and then your kids bring the video to school and show it to everyone in science class. I think it would be awesome extra credit.

  7. This morning I was wondering why It’s hard for me to manifest what I want? and here am getting the answer from you .thnx a lot ?

  8. Andrea: wanted to thank you for how much your teachings have impacted me. You are the best LOA teacher in my book, alot of the examples you’ve brought up and the way you explain things are very practical and applicable.

    The two biggest things I’ve learned from your teachings are what to focus on and to let go of “working hard”. A lot of examples that you’ve brought up have made much more aware of what I was focusing on in the past.

    Letting go of “working hard” has been monumental for me. I never really realized that I was holding on to the beliefs that I needed to work super hard to deserve what I want.

    Thanks again Andrea! We all appreciate you more than you know!

    1. I totally agree that Andrea is by far the most practical, honest and straightforward LOA coach I have come across which in my.mind makes her the best!!

  9. I had forgotten my charger whilst travelling, and at the airport someone just gave me one! Instant manifestation. ?

    1. I had a similar thing happen with a COVID mask. I was in a parking lot and realized I needed a mask to go into a store but did not have one. A lady in the parking lot called me and just handed me one.

    2. Similar. I had some snot running down my nose and instantly next to my bed on the nightstand, there was a box of Kleenex sitting there.

  10. Once I was chillin on the beach and I said to myself “wouldn’t it be fun to go on a trip?” Within what seemed like about 30 seconds a friend called and asked me to join him in NYC and that he would buy my ticket, and pay for the hotel and food. When I got there he even gave me spending money. So awesome. Good for that experience to go back to that light, free, and easy feeling. Thanks for this video Andrea.

    1. I had a similar experience. I was eating an xl chili cheese dog with all the toppings and I thought, “Dang, I wonder what the men’s restroom at Applebee’s looks like?” And bam!

  11. RIGHT NOW!!! From the time it took to finish listening to your video – to thinking about where I left my notebook to use from writing down your suggestions, to spark some sales today… About on my way to my craft studio – I decided to check both of the marketplaces where I sell the most items on – and literally had a sale from a repeat buyer about 14 minutes ago [maybe 2-3 minutes into watching this video] and an offer to purchase another piece from a second, new to me buyer, which I accepted. So! I’m off looking for my notebook + pen – if this works without trying, hot damn! What will happen when I actually do the work???

  12. I love this topic Andrea! The other day, I was riding in the car with my mom and were talking about her friends Joe and Stella looking for a coffee spot and all of a sudden we saw a coffee shop named “JoStella”! It was amazing!

    I also experience this all the time with songs! I’ll be thinking about something and a song will pop on on my playlist or at the grocery store

  13. ?☀️ Thought I should add this for all reading .
    This particular video is so helpful to everyone, it should be added to your watch later list. Refer to it frequently, daily if needed until it is ground into your subconscious. She’s giving you a most helpful FACT .

  14. Great video!!! (Though I very much enjoy all of your videos ?) I especially resonated with the part about “setting it and forgetting it” as resistance has been my biggest hurdle…There’s that “voice” (resistance) inside or whatever you want to call it that says: “this is stupid, you’re never going to get what you want, plus you’re not good enough” and though unintentionally, I do have a tendency to cling to those thoughts…This in itself has created unnecessary blocks to manifesting..I feel motivated now to employ a new approach to my manifestation process, so thank you!

    I actually can suggest a possible 3rd way in which we prevent instant manifestation: When we haven’t firmly made our intention crystal clear. Perhaps fluctuating our desires, changing our minds constantly…I think the time delay serves a purpose as a period where God/universe waits to see if the thing you’re working on manifesting is truly what you want…

    What do you think?

  15. I say to myself several times daily something wonderful is happening or something great is about to happen and next day it does.

  16. Instant manifestations. When down, think happy, funny thoughts. Quickly back to normal. Keep happy at all times, you are then on A higher vibration. In this frequency you can expect all good to come your way.

  17. Watching this again. Years ago I thought I want to take my Granddaughter to Disney. A client contacted me within 5 minutes and booked a training in Orlando the next month. We ended up going to Disney!
    Oh and as a follow up, I think one of my created blocks was the constant reinforcing that I have to reprogram my subconscious mind for 21 days, which I know is not true!

    1. This second part of this comment is exactly what i am going through right now. So confused about all the video’s i watched about the reprogramming of the subconscious mind for 21 days….. I think i really must try to let that believe go…..

  18. Yes, this has happened to me a lot. I was in Rome, Italy and I was so lonely and a bit isolated because I was flying back solo without my friends. I’d flown on points with Delta, and them on United. So I’m in the airport just feeling alone and I like asked myself how would I like this to go? And I was like gosh, I wish I could fly back first class. As a disclaimer I did NOT have a lot of points for this… but I was like ‘what if…’. And within 3 mins my name was being called over the intercom for my upgraded seat. I was shocked because I literally had like no points and to get upgraded that far up was unheard of. Thanks for the reminder!

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