Want to make the 555 method help you? Here are a couple of tricks to the 555 method you will find extremely valuable. Take pleasure in!

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39 thoughts on “3 SECRETS to the 555 METHOD!

  1. It’s a very powerful technique and an easier way to train our subconscious mind for SUCCESS and ABUNDANCE!!!

  2. Along my journey I have discovered that repetition is the key to reprogramming our subconcious minds. Doing a method such as the 55×5 method definitely gets a lot of repetition in heh. This is important because the beliefs in our subconscious mind are determining up to 90% of our daily actions and decisions. We must shift our beliefs from lack into abundance so we can experience a much more fulfilling reality! Peace ?

    1. Truly said. Yes, repetition is the fundamental key for transforming energy patterns in our subconscious. 555 is one method. There are other methods also, like mantra chanting using beads and other methods. I like your concept ?

    1. @Andrea Schulman hello sorry to bother i m wishing for my friend to move to oversea in the same city as me so that we can go to high school together i wrote down “i m gratelful that i am going to the same high school as *friend name” is this affirmation ok or should i change it bc i dont want to move to the same country as her i want her to be able to

  3. Yeah, music is a technique to feel those vibrations and energy while affirming something. Actually I’m in the process of self healing and consciousness shift these days at present. I know for sure 555 method will work but first I’m preparing my self to be in alignment with nature and Universe. Thanks again Andrea for this wonderful video. Keep posting these videos ????

  4. I did it for only 3 days and I found a new job very easily. Left my interview at 5:55, set the GPS to home and ETA was 5min55, number plate on the way home 555 I burst out laughing. Thankyou ?

    Mine was. “I have an amazing job in this beautiful country, I appreciate this opportunity.” ~I’m travelling at the moment.

    1. Because you are doing it with full focus and attention, so if you focus it expands, manifest.

  5. I just finished up today. I sat with a therapy sun lamp or in the sun while writing. I kept a smile on my face (but yes, my mind would wonder sometimes)
    How many can we do at one time? Or should we wait a specific amount time in between?
    Thank you! ?

  6. Music definitely helps spark emotion quickly! So does scent. It is the strongest sense tied to memory. If I wanted to manifest a closer relationship with a romantic partner and that person wore sandalwood cologne, I might put some sandalwood essential oil in my diffuser, for example, while doing this exercise to bring me back to the last time we spent together and put me in that positive state of mind. 🙂

  7. I’ve had a number of horrible things happen this year. Also I’ve been struggling with depression. So the past few weeks I’ve been watching videos like this to hopefully get me out of this rut I put myself in. I’ll report back to you if this really works.

  8. Thank you Andrea! Listening to music helped my mind slow down and get distracted less while I wrote. Very helpful!

  9. Bottom line is: FEELING! ALL manifestations are linked to the Feeling. Not words. Your intentions/manifestations are dictated by the “fuel”, which is FEELINGS!

  10. Every 10 or so lines you write, pause and visualize for a few seconds, what it would feel like to have that thing. It helps to keep you focused and upbeat enough to finish writing; particularly if done to music.

  11. I’m so grateful for your videos. Must be about a year now that I’ve been watching your videos and they have been a huge source of help and guidance. Thanks so much ???

  12. Thankyou very much ma’m for giving us much more and better clarity about things to ensure while practicing this 555 method.??

  13. 1-affirmative short sentences and thankful
    2- play the right song to set up ur mood in the right vibration
    3- sit comfortably wearing something comfy in a comfortable place with the right temperature
    4- while ur writing it 55 try to stay focused on what ur writing the whole time till u finish

  14. Thank you so much for breaking this down and giving helpful advice. I am definitely going to try these tools this will be my first time using the 555 method. Wish me luck!

  15. Thank you so much. I needed a guide on how to go about the 555 method and the universe brought your video to me. Is perfect.

  16. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this video and all of your content!!! I am manifesting everything I want very quickly and easily after watching your YouTube channel and using your website’s free content, online courses, and downloads. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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