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35 thoughts on “Change Your Life in 5 Minutes! | Manifest Anything Fast

  1. Being honest… I was having a shitty day before watching this. The universe put this in my path. Thank you Andrea

  2. Step 1. Change your setting. Think about all the places you could go right now (reasonably) that is comfortable. Go outside, take a shower, cuddle with a cozy blanket, etc.
    Step 2. Affirm your comfort. I feel better now. I am more comfortable now.
    Step 3. Think about the things your are most thankful for and why you are thankful for them.
    WOW this is so cool! Thank you Andrea!! I always appreciate your videos because they help me manifest faster, bigger, and more easily. I’m thankful for your content because it helps raise my vibration instantly. I appreciate you because you give away a lot of content for free and have your paid content available for extremely reasonable prices. I am grateful for you Andrea because you explain things in a way that I easily absorb the LOA info and apply it to my life instantly!

  3. Dear Andrea, that was a very moving video. I already noticed the care and compassion in your eyes to share these gold nuggets in front of your camera, and it works!
    I appreciate the high professional level of the video scenes to support your story.
    I learned to never apologise for showing my genuine emotions, that’s my gift I have to offer to you and everyone reading this.
    My core slogan is: Never put yourself down! (Courtesy to the late Frank Natale, creator of the Results Course).

  4. What a coincidence as I’m 23 right now ? I’m taking this as a great sign

    Edit: I think it’s worth mentioning that I grabbed the Entrepreneur course and am really enjoying it so far, thank you ?

    1. Welcome to 23 Maymie! May it be an infinitely better time in your life than it was for me! LOL! So glad you are enjoying the program XOXO

  5. I raised my vibration unconsciously yesterday through going outside and digging in the garden and potting up plants. A super reminder for me. Thank you Andrea , your videos inspire me and so many others.

  6. Andrea, while you’re talking about what ans why, my mom always cones to my mind and I just about started to cry! She’s the best mother in the whole wide world and I don’t know where I would be without her! Thank you for making me dig just a little bit! ??

    1. I love this comment. Thank you for sharing Patricia, and thanks to your mom for doing such a great job as a parent! XOXO

    1. Thanks Andrea I appreciate a lot your videos. Actually I would like to ask you about been mom and keep feeling high frequency to manifest; because I m a great manifestie person, but the last 3 years with my kid(he is 5) have been so difficult to maintain, because he has some behaviors and character that makes me feel so bad(really low frequency) and either if I Try and try everyday, I’m realizing that I’m loosing my happiness…can you give me any advice from mom to mom?

    2. @Andrea Schulman thanks a lot!!I have been same process but also with the difficulties as a single mom and not school because his behavior ? I will follow your tips!!❤️?

  7. This brought me to tears when I started to think about the people I am appreciative for. Thank you so much, Andrea. You are one of the people that I really appreciate ?

  8. Awesome – something effective we can do here and now. I needed this today. Had a medical scare that affected most of the summer, and now dealing with lifestyle changes.People were so awesome to me that it does bring tears, just thinking about how much support came. Gratitude will lift you so high.

  9. Gosh Andrea, I started crying when you did. I am so grateful for your work and effort. I have been manifesting like a goddess and you have helped me so much with your videos. Thank you.???

  10. I am thankful for you Andrea, it really dose touch my heart how much you care for your followers and those that don’t follow u because at any point in time they can become your followers. When I seen you tearing I seen the compassion from your heart, you truly do want people to succeed in life and your a awesome humanitarian and your equally as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. I’m grateful for Andrea Schulman because she actually cares about my well-being and I feel the compassion from her heart and it shows in her vlogs. Thank You for another awesome video Andrea! Xoxo

  11. Thé last years have been really challenging for me so YouTube is my best friend because I can find really high vibrations here and I discovered your channel. I am really grateful for your content !! You are straight to the point with depth clarity and empathy thank you Andrea really inspiring ! I will apply these 3 steps regularly. The thing I am the most graceful about is the quality of relationship I have with my daughters. Because they become who they are ?

  12. I feel more comfortable in bed and in a quiet room on my own everyday. I also like being alone without people just enjoying the silence

  13. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you Andrea. Your videos have been holding my hand through tough times . You keep me positive and you motivate me. I have experienced that emotional gratitude recently, and it keeps me going. It keeps me focused on the beauty in my life. I pray you are always blessed, healthy, and prosperous. ??

  14. This is amazingly well explained. Thank you so much for this. So grateful for being in the right space today to attract this little gem of a video to amplify my gratitude. You lifted me out of the anxiety of waiting for my manifestations and catapulted me into the gratitude of the present moment which is the most powerful place we can be. I’m so grateful that today I know about the power of cultivating gratitude and how it can accelerate goals and just make you feel so good! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you ?❤️?

  15. Literally started to cry when I thought about my loved ones. Thank you so much for this information. The last few minuets of this video I found so powerful. Thanks Andrea Namaste beautiful ???❤️?

  16. I do this with my wife, I’m so lucky and grateful that she’s my wife. She’s the best thing ever happened to me ❤️

  17. Your guidance on how it feels physically as your vibration raises was soooo helpful! Thank you for such a clear and real explanation of it…and the validation that it is a strength and not a weakness. I am very happy that I feel this often ?

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