Are you up for a fun manifesting obstacle? Try this out today and also see just how you do!

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43 thoughts on “Try this fun MANIFESTING CHALLENGE

  1. The more you give the more you get back 🙂 spreading love and kindness to everyone around us, make the ones around us happy, bringing light to the room… it also lights up our world 😀 it’s a beautiful thing… and there’s the law of compensation, what you give is what you get ♡ much love !!! Happy Sunday everyone

  2. Along my journey I have discovered that challenging ourselves in a healthy manner really increases our ability to change and shift our realities more quickly. A healthy challenge makes things more fun and really that’s what it is all about! Thank you ✌️️

    1. You always have Great comments brother!! This one dont count I told you? But seriously you do just wanted to let you know?

    2. New subbie.
      I have read your comments on other manifesting videos and your Brilliant. Thanks for all of your help

  3. Let me just say that I’ve been into manifesting for the past 7 months now and I’ve watched a ton of videos and techniques. But it’s something about what your saying that is giving me results! You are making me a better receiver because things are shifting in my favor so instant. Thank you for everything sis. I’m here for it ?

    1. Wow! I’ve been doing this all week and never heard of it! Like 6 times this week, I thought complimentary thoughts about someone I was around but didn’t voice them out loud (which I felt bad about afterward) and almost instantly, those very people turned around and complimented me. Amazing! This week I’m going to take your challenge and do it intentionally and pay attention to the results; I’m excited! ?

  4. Good idea. By the end of the week I’ll probably be telling them though. They need to hear good things about themselves too. I remember telling a woman in her 90’s how beautiful her hair was one day. Turns out she had gotten it done for her birthday….96yrs…and she literally teared up and hugged me. I had only said it matter of factly and I was surprised by her joyful reaction. Now I try to compliment the elderly as often as I can. I don’t think they hear enough compliments.

  5. Congratulations on your 50k subscribers, cheers 😀 Keep rising and shining!
    I have always noticed that I have been giving compliments to other people in my head and I have always been recieving compliments from their mouth, but now I am trying to give other people more verbal compliments cos it makes them feel good about it 🙂

  6. Started this the other day, I’ve got 3 compliments already. My son even praised the dinner I cooked for him!?? It works!

  7. A really great and effective method for projecting positive energy. This method I am starting to practice from right now. Thanks, Andrea. ?

  8. I really like this idea of a stress free, easy going manifestation technique. It gives me the confidence to manifest bigger things. At the moment I can successfully manifest clothes I want that are ‘out of stock’. Even when something’s sold out I don’t even worry about it because I know I’ll get it and I always do. Yesterday I saw a dress I wanted but I told myself ‘I’ll get it tomorrow when it goes on sale.’ Next morning I wake up, check my phone and yep! It’s on sale ?

    1. Nicole Good for you!!!! I want to get the skill of manifest clothes I want because wear fabrics I like make me feel confident to get all the rest.

  9. Sometimes when I give people compliments in my head a few moments later they say the exact same thing to me out loud. ?

  10. I was literally just thinking about a video on manifestation, how crazy. I’m going to college in about a week and I can’t wait. I’m gonna try this out, thank you so much.

  11. That’s a really dope idea!! Liked subscribed and post notifications are on!! I’ve seen you before in a manifesting video!! I feel genuine love for your energy! Let the enlightenment begin ???

  12. Every time my mum says something negative about a stranger I always try to give a positive in response, it’s my weird little game haha

  13. I did exactly that today and the change of energy is incredible. It’s like i can feel genuine positivity within myself and others. It’s like all of the sudden i feel so light and carefree, also less cynical.

  14. This challenge started taking effect from the FIRST day at work! I received compliments every move I made! I look forward to these fun challenges.

  15. Funny how this popped up, I’ve been telling myself “I give love, I am love” such and such but have been struggling to figure in what ways I give love. (I’m a recovering people pleaser) This is a good challenge for me ‘cause I LOVE giving people compliments but the fact that I keep them to myself is nice. Thank you!

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