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  1. I really appreciate the feeling of being loved and respected. I really appreciate the feeling of being acknowledged. Thanks.

  2. I really appreciate the feeling of being a mother in law and also a grandma to my sweet grand children who are coming to my life verrrry soon this year.

  3. I really appreciate the feeling of my energy being protected from outside forces and radiating divine light

  4. This video just helped me a lot to raise my vibration and feel better, especially when you are in a situation that you don’t enjoy that much

  5. I really appreciate the feeling of crawling into bed and relaxing with a good show at the end of the day. I really appreciate the feeling of accomplishment after completing even simple tasks. I really appreciate the feeling of being able to fall asleep at night quickly. I really appreciate the feeling of waking up feeling satisfied and ready for the day.

  6. I appreciate God giving me this video to bless me and make me feel amazing! I love all of you and hope you are truly blessed with happiness❤️

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