When I initially started my very own business it was exceptionally difficult not recognizing if my organization would achieve success or otherwise …

Here are the showing up hacks that took me from no sales to huge sales- attempt them out and see exactly how they help you! (look into links listed below for even more).

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how i manifest massive sales in my business|exactly how i show constant sales in my business.

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25 thoughts on “How I Manifest MASSIVE Sales in My Business

  1. “Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be obtained only by someone who is detached. ”

    ― Simone Weil

    ~Much Love from a Law of Attraction YouTuber?

  2. This is so amazing! I’m looking forward to more videos on business manifestation, and excited for your upcoming course … ????

    1. I really want to ❤️. Soooo can you make a personal video on how to manifest you as a coach? ?

  3. Do you have any questions on how to apply the law of attraction to business? Let me know in the comments…

    …and if you’d like to check out any of the links I mentioned in the video I have linked them up below for your convenience:

    ?To learn more about my LOA member program: https://bit.ly/LOA_MEMBER

    ? To watch the video on dominating your reality: https://youtu.be/7mUasoUn7RU

    ?To take my Law of Attraction test now: http://bit.ly/LOA-TEST

    XOXO, Andrea

  4. As someone who’s self-employed/a small business owner this is very helpful. Thank you Andrea!

  5. This is true! When I started having problems with a significant relationship I lost sight of my value and it effected my business. I will be listening to this many times. Ready to get my baby thriving again.

  6. This should be taught in high-school. Starting in 8th or 9th grade and up. This helps in more ereas than just a business.
    Good information Andrea ?

  7. I totally understand what you mean! I’ve experienced those moments and realized it all starts with me ?

  8. Been working on my online shop and recently added a couple of digital products that have been a little slow to get started. Just got a notification saying I’d made a sale on one of them, and then went on YouTube and here is your video ?✨ Thank you, Universe! ?✨? Keep up the awesome work, Andrea. Very best wishes all the way from England x

  9. Great video, Andrea! We must value our businesses and play big enough to be successful, not cheapen our products or services by giving away too many things for free or underpricing them. A big part of Apple’s success was the late Steve Jobs’ focus on customers and producing products they wanted and products they didn’t know they wanted.

  10. I just love your videos. Thanks ??The last tip is so helpful for me. I’m an artist and realizing I want to make things for my customers that they truly want on their walls sounds so nice. I don’t want it to be all about me. I want people to feel seen and heard.

  11. Hi Andrea, I am relatively new to your channel and I really like the way you convey your message. Could you please do some more videos on how to manifest your dream career? Like talking more about the process of getting there. I still struggle with the concept of hard-working and doing unwanted things first in order to do the fun stuff later. Am I missing something here? Say I want to work in the creative field but first I have to accept a job in customer service, etc.

  12. Something I am teaching my students is the “Law Of Compensation”.
    It states that’s value given Conquers price. The more valuable your contribution to the world and specifically, your target audience, the more Compensation you receive for your works. And you touched base on that, so thank you, Andrea.

  13. Love this. I got the message the universe was sending me. Value your business. Invest in it. Treat it as valuable and important.

  14. Absolutely Amazing. Thank you SO much ☺️ This video was Perfectly spot on. ?❤️ Nothing but FACTS being thrown, with the correct, vibrational Essences. Ouuuu this was amazing hahah ??? Thank you so much Andrea ??

  15. Hi Andrea, I just found you a couple days ago and of course it’s exactly what I need. Keep them coming. Thank you for your effort.

  16. This is so exciting and refreshing. Thank you so much for reminding me that I’m capable of doing the best and highest sales.

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