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3 SUPER Quickly Showing Up Methods.

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35 thoughts on “3 SUPER FAST Manifesting Techniques! | Law of Attraction

  1. Thank you Andrea
    That’s exactly what I do for the second trick. I think about the worst thing that can happen , look at it and say to myself, and so what? ok I am fine with that.
    It really works

    1. @Cee Jay That’s exactly the point: That it seems difficult. But it’s not. Everything depends on our mindset, the ability to “let go”. This is always the main ingredient for things to speed up towards having what we desire.

    2. @Cee Jay i guess because even if the worst thing happens, there is always a solution. There is a solution to everything, even to death (reincarnation or shifting to a parallel reality where there is no death).

    3. @Nicolò Clemente nice mindset and idea. but if you search for a “solution” for death. are you really okay with dieing? for example my desire is to have more oportunity for love. so i have to be okay to be single and never touch a woman ever egain in my life again. or if i want to be perfect healthy then i have to be okay with beeding in coma and not beeing able to do anything again in life. that would be the worst case i guess. but i dont know how to be okay with such relly worst caste situations ^^

    4. @Cee Jay i think it is about acceptance of everything trusting that the Universe has a much better plan for you.

  2. I love this. Sooooo often I try to book travel, and for some reason the booking doesn’t go through. 100% it is because there was A MUCH BETTER PLAN. I’m going to use this this week and see what juicy things bubble up. ??

  3. I did the “Flip Around” last week. I had a trip that wasn’t manifesting. So, I told myself, “ i’ve already told my clients I’m off, I already had someone cover for me at my one day a week job/for someone else; so if it doesn’t manifest I will just go home and see my family. “ … I’m spending 10 days in Paris in October!!!!!!!??????♥️

  4. Wow, Andrea. Just when I think I’ve listened to all of the possible law of attraction techniques, you manage to come up with completely new ones!!

  5. Thank you for the examples, they really helped. Do you have any suggestions on how to apply these tricks to appearance change?

  6. I’m not the kind of person who’s into techniques, but I love how you come up with all the fun ways of manifesting! You really do make a fun game out of manifesting, Andrea!

  7. Thank you for this wonderful video. The second trick has actually worked for me in reactivating my business. I thought I would lose the business but the moment I actually let go and became at peace with losing the business, it came back alive.

  8. I have a great example from last weekend. My mother-in-law and I have been decluttering and decided to do a yard sale last Saturday. Our start time for the sale was 9am, and when we’ve had sales in the past people would start showing up around 8:30am for first dibs. This time around no one showed up early, not even at 9am. I was starting to get worried that no one was going to come. But then I decided to make the most of my time and was able to have my husband bring out more “big ticket’ items for sale like a couple TVs, lawn mowers, furniture items, etc. Mostly stuff that I wasn’t able to haul out on my own because it was too heavy. We had the yard sale set up with items displayed and categorized just perfectly. At 10am people started coming by and buying things. Most of our items were sold by the end of the day. It was THE MOST successful yard sale we’ve ever had and we are so grateful!

  9. When I’ve started my business, and was not having any clients for a while, I’ve decided to “change my mind and not want to have clients”, and in a few days I got my first client!!!! Who reached out to me, and asked to pay in full right away, without me doing anything (besides deciding to change my mind ?) thank you so much!!

  10. Thank you for sharing! So funny I actually have been using the last trick unconsciously when thinking about something I need to do like “I hope she/he don’t call me tomorrow about this” and usually it happens ? Now I realize I can use it for what I want to happen instead! Thank you!

    1. Hello this is Mary, Andrea’s page admin.

      The commenter who responded to you earlier was an impersonator-we apologize for the inconvenience and have reported the comment.

      Do not click any links they send you or give them any of your personal information.

      Thank you for following our page and for helping us to promote a safe and respectful environment on social media. Have a great day!

  11. Just saw you for the 1st time, but I wanted to say that I appreciate the subtitles in your video SO MUCH! You have no idea how helpful they are to me and others. It definitely helps me comprehend what you are saying better and to certain people that may have hearing disorders/disabilities like APD disorder. Thank you

  12. Love the Analysis Paralysis term. Reorganizing the house is also a great idea. Changes the flow of energy for sure. Thank You so Much!! ?

  13. Yeah, I love these techniques. I’ve been using them forever not even aware they were helping me bring things in faster lol. I thought them up to help myself breathe and ease anxiety. And it helps create quickly. ?

    Also, the law of attraction test is cool too. I did the experiment with a random object and saw it within about 1-2 days at the most random place I went to visit. I even forgot that I set the intention to manifest it until later that week when it clicked how random all of it seemed. ?

  14. Watched this vid two days ago, and as I wanted someone to reach out to me I mixed all 3 techniques into one super technique lol, but yeah, two days later and it manifested. Just let go of the resistance and make peace with the outcome. If you accept that you’ll be fine if it manifests or not, then it will definitely happening because you won’t be needy nor figthing it. Wish you all the best!

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