In today's video clip I'll share with you 2 simple means to breakthrough your reality. Not suching as exactly how things are benefiting ya? Attempt these out currently.

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My name is Andrea Schulman and I am a LOA train and instructor from Raising Your Vibration Today. I work with individuals to aid them use the Legislation of Destination with success.

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38 thoughts on “2 ways to QUANTUM LEAP your REALITY!

  1. Awesome video. Just a reminder that we have been endowed with the POWER to jump from any unwanted vibration into the vibration of our desires manifested. Happy manifestation you all ??❤️.

    1. Thank you. I try to think positive and do things that align with the life I want to live. I still want it to be better than the small results.

  2. TRUST the process, everything is working out in your favor, even when things don’t seem to go your way. Take a break and let go of the resistance! Let go of the anxiety and pressure. Have fun and add enthusiasm ♡ celebrate your success and be grateful for what you have and who you are, always.

    1. It’s like you are valdating everything that I was going through at work being a nurse is crazy everybody goes haywire so I run outside and breathe without knowing it!!!!!!

  3. Exactly. When things start going badly it means you are picking up negative momentum, so you need to reset to stop that momentum and get on a better path. I don’t know why it takes us so long to learn this 😉

    1. Momentum is the answer also to your question! Easy to get sucked back into old ways of thinking because of the momentum they’ve built <3

  4. Andrea, you have articulated so truthfully and clearly something that has been happening to me frequently these past weeks since i’ve been practicing with LOA. Loads of love to you and thanking you for doing what you do 🙂

  5. Thanks that just cleared up the need for “enthusiasm” vs “frantic stressful action”…. wow that feels like a relief!!!

  6. Stepping into the Bathroom weather at work, or at home is a great place to stop and just take a breath. I have actually done 10 minute meditations while in the bathroom as well. Sometimes that’s the only place that I can find peace and quiet. That works just as well. ?I was like number 711 at 7:11 in the morning. I wonder if that might be something. ?

  7. Thank you again for your short and very efficient video as sometimes we don’t have time to watch videos that are too long!!!?

  8. Love it. Great simple subtle fixes. It’s state change that can make all the difference. Thank you for sharing. It’s good to be reminded of it. Having an awesome year so far, so keep these videos coming. I am practicing your advice on Thanking the Universe as we spend the money it brings us.

  9. This does work! I have had lots of success with this. But I must admit I have put in a lot of energy into LOA. It has been 7 years now ! Key is to start small. Which is manifesting situations that you have no resistance towards.

  10. You give such excellent, *practical* inspirational, advice for helping us to work better with the law of attraction in real life examples, I just have to thank you again!!

  11. I recently found your channel and I am loving these videos!! Short and to the point with the most insightful info. Thank you!! ?❤

  12. I love your videos!! Thank you ? I appreciate your valuable insight. Now I just need to be more mindful so that I can practice the reset button when I’m in a moment that isn’t working for me. ?

  13. Hi Andrea? I love your messages. I have a question: I’m a teaching artist and I used to have 50 students at times inside my classroom and it got really loud at times. How do I do a vibrational reset if I cannot physically leave my classroom?

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