Not yet marketed on the regulation of attraction? See for yourself with some immediate evidence to show you that your ideas create your fact!

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My name is Andrea Schulman and also I am a LOA trainer and teacher. I reveal people how to use the regulation of attraction with SUCCESS.

Today I wish to share with you some IMMEDIATE evidence that your thoughts develop your reality. This is a method I gained from Jack Canfield (of the Poultry Soup for the Heart books). Provide it a shot as well as confirm to on your own right now that you can produce your fact with the power of your thoughts.

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47 thoughts on “IMMEDIATE PROOF: Your Thoughts Create Your Reality!

  1. wow.. I’ve been creating my reality and it works wonders .. but this one was crazy.. instant physical reshaping of reality

  2. I am patient of brain stroke. I get seizures. After watching this and observing law of attraction for quite some time now. I am gonna try to teach my mind to work according to me. Hoping that I will succeed for sure.
    Wish me luck 🙂

    1. @Shruti hi Shruti how are you dear . Hope your much stronger and healthier now and living your best life . God bless you sweet heart.???

  3. I literally watched this in AMAZEMENT and was freaking out because it worked!!!!! Amazing!!!! Will be resharing (hahaha that autocorrected to reshaping when I first typed it … that can’t be coincidence) xoxoxox

  4. Oh my god! I was so not expecting that to work but it did! That was awesome! It’s causing me to rethink so many things. Including I think I’m gonna grow taller!! Thank you ❤️❤️☮

    1. Wow, I was so expecting mine to work, but it didn’t. I tried twice. Wonder if I did something wrong. I want mine to work too.

  5. Unbelievable… I tried it couple of times just to make sure I am not imagining it, but the results were obvious… Everytime I repeated it, I was shocked to witness the clear manifestation. Thanks for sharing this. Truly amazed.

  6. I did this and I LOVED IT. Though I have always been a believer of LOA this demo was like an immediate proof. Can I request another demo please (I love your demo videos best btw) . I have recently developed brown pigmentation on my cheeks and I am willing it to clear. Can you do a demo as to how exactly am I to ask it to clear? Do I focus on the clear parts of the facial skin and will the skin to become clearer and clearer?

  7. THIS IS CRAZY! I LITERALLY SCREAMED WHAT THE F**K!! This is going to make me rethink everything!! Thank you so much for this eye-opening moment!

    1. @Tommy Zuniga i am a great believer in the law of attraction and I really hoped this would work but when I tried it simply didn’t work.

    2. this is because of how you tilt your hands. It its tilted more to the left it will be smaller or bigger

  8. ‼️OMG- I really, REALLY needed this, this morning!!!!! It actually makes sense! What ur mind really focuses on, becomes your reality! So this really should work in about every single way possible, right? I hope so, because I’m feeling so much better!❤️????

  9. *Our words create our world*
    when we change the way we think about things, that has a direct result on the actions we take, the emotions we feel- and the results we experience in our lives as a result.
    Most people focus on changing their actions, not realising that actions are a secondary cause. We think and so we act. We act and then receive equal results

  10. I could feel the change in my hand each time I said grow longer and back to normal. Thank you for sharing. I will be focusing on more positive activities in my reality ??❤️

  11. I didn’t think it was gonna happen but I felt my joints grinding and…. it really worked!

    *Edit:* I tried it for like 10 times and IT WORKS EVERY F***ING TIME! I will manifest whatever I want in my life. This is the day I take the control of my thoughts and my life.

  12. This was too crazy. It grew and then went back to its normal size. Thank you for your videos, tips and tricks. They are helping me a lot to reshape the way I perceive the world.

  13. I did it on just one finger and that one finger grew & returned to normal I actually felt energy pipping into that one finger and leaving! And it works with mental/silent commands too! I did not yell or speak to my finger, I thought it.

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