How To Act Wealthy (When You’re Not!) | LAW OF ATTRACTION


To materialize excellent riches, you need to act affluent first! Here's exactly how to act well-off when you're not-easy ideas to enter alignment with financial success … ⬇.

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My name is Andrea Schulman as well as I am a LOA web content maker. I show individuals exactly how to make use of the regulation of destination with SUCCESS.

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Exactly How To Act Wealthy (When You're Not!)|REGULATION OF TOURIST ATTRACTION.

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54 thoughts on “How To Act Wealthy (When You’re Not!) | LAW OF ATTRACTION

    1. I already do like reading about how other people are coming up. Now I will be working those items into my daily conversation to keep myself conscious of wealth and abundance!

  1. 1) Be clean, neat & simple. Clean clothes, simple wardrobe,& very neat appearance.

    2) Speak better on money. No need to talk about getting a bargain. Speak on large amounts of money & be comfortable with amounts. Even when commodities fluctuate. Speak on large amounts in topics of conversation to build positive manifestation momentum.

    3) Value time over money. Buy convenience to buy time back. Don’t waste time for money. Time is a valuable asset, so use wisely as an action of wealthy mindset & manifestation momentum.

  2. Hi Andrea, subscribed to your channel. Thank you for all the valuable content, I really appreciate it ! I would like to add to this : always keep your kitchen and living room clean and tidy. And when you eat : use good quality wine and waterglasses, and nice diningplates and cutlery, as if you were at a fancy restaurant. It makes me feel like I deserve to get the best, even when I’m having lunch or dinner.

  3. Hello everyone, good morning! I liked this video so much! Thank you so much Andrea, I like your laughter, too. I send you a huge hug ? from Sonora, México ??. Take care, blessings ? ? ?

  4. You are so stunning and such an inspiration, Andrea. I love your last few videos. You are glowing. And I love when you say “I became wealthy when…” Haha. I am starting to say this now in my visualizations. Blessings.

  5. Andrea, thank you so much for this particular video.. I learnt a lot from the information you shared.. I really appreciate you. ❤️❤️

  6. Whenever I spend a large amount of money I’m not used to spend, I used to feel bad about it. Now I’m telling myself that it’s okay to spend that much money and become grateful I was able to spend that much. Before I knew it, it became natural to me and don’t feel guilty about it.

    1. Yves – money is suppose to CIRCULATE. Yes, be grateful that you are circulating money to prosper the store, employees, people who made the item, etc.

  7. Thank you for another great video. Tip 3 is something I’ve learned & adapted thanks to you. I’m a business owner and was planning on doing my taxes. But then my accountant suggested to do it for me, in return for a fee. I said “Yes”, because I chose my valuable time over money. Old me would’ve wasted time to save money ? So a big thank you for guiding me through this journey ?? You’re the best!

  8. I grew up in an extremely wealthy family. I did notice that instead of having brand new expensive cars, toys, houses, designer clothes, etc they invested most of their wealth back into the companies that they owned..or other investments.
    Now I am not saying that they didn’t have nice things, but they tended to have cars (of expensive brands) that were a couple of years old, clothes that weren’t pretentious, jewelry that would blind your eyes out, a home (large yes) but it was a HOME…yes, they did country clubs, leagues, private colleges, etc..
    but they didn’t show their wealth off, but one could tell that they had money..
    Simplicity is a key factor in wealth and the building of wealth..and attitude as well..and GRATITUDE!!!
    Blessings of wealth for all….
    Internally and externally….

    1. Hi Andrea, i love this video. For me a rich life is having a healthy meals, good sleep, quality time with my childrens, etc. It’s not about having lot’s of money. Healthy is the new wealth.

  9. Totally agree, Andrea! Being clean and well groomed gives someone self respect and allows people to really notice you. “Overdone” make up, nails, sparkly clothes etc is the opposite of that. Walking straight and talking clearly and confidently helps to elevate our profile.

    1. Good posture and walking with your head high and shoulders back. That in itself exudes so much quiet confidence that people will automatically believe you to be of higher status. Being kind and treating people with respect is another thing. Someone who is truly wealthy doesn’t need to prove themselves to others by acting arrogant. Arrogance is fake confidence.

  10. After I compleated my enlistment in the US Navy at age 24, I often told friends that asked what I was doing now, I would tell them that I am independently wealthy. This went on for two summers, my net worth $3000, I then went to college, told them the same, when I started my professional career, I would say and mean it, I love my job, but I don’t have to work, I am independently wealthy. 23 years later my net worth is $1.1 Million and this does not include My home. All of this before I knew the Law! Speaking things into Exsistance is real. By the way, I will be retiring end of 2026 at age 59 1/2 net worth $5Million?.

    1. May I asked why is it relevant to mention that you enlisted yourself in the U.S Navy? Doing it helped you achieving your fortune or what? Why was is relevant mentioning.

  11. “Don’t go for coupons and discounts! Abundant people don’t need them.”

    A few minutes later…

    “Buy my course and use a discount code for 50% off!”

    1. That’s why I’m worried these manifestation accounts aren’t true just another monetary account

    2. Change Your belief to: there are some abundant and wealthy people who use coupons and discounts….as I do…..

    3. So basically, live above your means, fake it to the top and get a man with money or access to money or leach on to wealthy people.

  12. A tip I have is to do what makes YOU feel wealthy no matter how weird or random. I feel richer when I wear polo shirts, idk why always have. But that may not be the case for other people. Maybe for you it’s a watch? Or a certain type of shoe. Maybe it’s a certain style of home decor? Really try to make it personal so it impacts YOU more. Kind of like personalizing your affirmations, you want it to resonate with who you are.

  13. Everything Andrea says is true. I myself think in abundance all the time. I’m a believer in Christ, who didn’t own a dime. But what did he have? Time.

    His abundance came from knowing the Provider. Our time is not our time. Our money is not our money. It’s provided for. But we have to do something useful with it. We have to return the investment. If we think money is more important than time, we will stay poor. Period.

    But if we think we can spend the time and the money to keep it moving forward it will pay off. Don’t be careless or reckless, still be conscious about what you do.

    Money, just like love and water and electricity, is a form of energy. A projection of future energy actually, hence the relation with time. But energy does have principal laws. Energy needs to flow. Stalling energy will burst eventually. And abundant energy will burst faster.

    We don’t need to care about what we eat, what we will wear. We shouldn’t be full of sorrows. What matters is how we spend our time and increase the return on the investment. If you make that single thing count, the rest will come.

    Reciprocate and it will return a thousandfold. Ancient wisdom and true till this very day.

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