Can You Change Your Appearance with the Law of Attraction? (Absolutely!!)


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57 thoughts on “Can You Change Your Appearance with the Law of Attraction? (Absolutely!!)

  1. Let go and have patience because by doing so you’re creating the energy of belief. And that is when the universe can give you what you want.

    Much Love from a Law Of Attraction YouTuber ?

    1. Actually the word is cosmos. That is the order and where everything connects in real time. The Universe is universal, it is the sum total of all things.

  2. Another great video, Andrea! I really appreciated and learned more. You’re always going better in your appearance. And you really “crack the code” of the physical aspects. Congrats! Thanks so much!

  3. I use scripting, affirming and visualization, because those make me feel positive. I also try not to look in the mirror so much or if i do, i tell myself how gorgeous i look.❤

    1. I also do scripting and meditation everyday and it has helped me as well good job keep doing that I’m telling you it works I have been able to manifest more than I could ever imagine and it just keeps getting better I am waking up eager for the day and making peace with things that happened in my life and just know that better things are always coming to me it truly is about changing your mindset and your perception on things in life but I think that once we understand this and realize this magical stuff full to continue to happen to us I don’t know who you are but I am actually a spiritual Guru and I just want to tell you I’m proud of you continue looking in the mirror beautiful so I do it daily and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that and I teach others to do that as well I believe that everyone on this planet is beautiful and deserving and worthy of all the wonderful things they would like wishing you peace love and light my dear

    2. That’s wonderful to hear Heather. I’m seeing that more and more people are taking that approach. I personally look in the mirror, and say “Good Morning Gorgeous”! I also tell myself good and positive things.

  4. For a short while, I thought I needed eyelid surgery to “fix” an eyelid crease that kept on going away for some odd reason. After accepting it and letting it go, it fixed itself. I think it helped that I started eating healthier and getting quality sleep around that time

  5. I had a serious illness in my mid thirties and although I recovered I felt like it jumped me forward in my ageing. By my mid 40’s I had a lot of depression, weight gain and felt very old and unattractive. At some point my focus changed and I started doing a lot of self love work (Louise Hay mostly). I decided to forget about my appearance snd focused on improving other areas of my life. Within a year people started telling me I looked good. I realised I had returned to a weight that felt more comfortable to me and I seemed to look younger.
    In January I turned 58, my daughter said to me “you always look so nice, you just seem to get better every year.” So nice to hear. There are things I would like to improve, but definitely, when you start to define yourself as attractive this is reflected in outer experience. It just kind of happens.

    1. Thank you for sharing this. I just tuned 40 and have a very ill spouse. That is not an easy thing to deal with bc we don’t want to see the person we love go through all that medical care, home dialysis, waiting for a kidney donation ect… I got very depressed and I feel like I have zero energy. It affects me on a spiritual level bc unfortunately I am empathic to a fault. I am working on these things, and I realized something has to change. I affirm I have energy and I affirm I am happy yet it still persists. I am so happy to hear there is hope and light at the end of this tunnel. By telling myself I am healthy, happy, greatful, slim, young (and more) I am beginning to align with the people and things to make this happen for me. I started looking into the LOA and ho’ponopono. I realized my horomones feel off and made an appointment with a HRT Dr. Its stories like these that help. Please always share your progress because you never know who it could inspire. Thank you so much

    2. @Sarah Boanright now I am really enjoying Edward Art, his videos are soothing, and he keeps his themes super simple. Many teachers have helped me over the years, Andrea, obviously, as her work always has valuable tools clearly explained. When things are “bad”, like “dark night of the soul” bad, find something that will give you little breaks, respite, soothing and healing moments in tge chaos mean EVERYTHING. Love to you and your husband ❤

  6. For YOU… the person who is reading this comment I wish you a lifetime of happiness, laughter, love, and prosperity! All is well! The Universe is providing! You are safe in this benevolent Universe! ❤??❤

  7. Solid advice, as always Andrea! Thank you! I’ve worked on law of attraction stuff for years now and it always pays off in the most random of ways (where I’m not focusing too hard). The other day someone said to me, “don’t you always have people telling you how beautiful you are?”

    And I kind of do – me! The key is to allow yourself to believe it. It helps me to think things that feel less comparative, like “man it’s fun to go through this life being good looking.” ?

  8. I tried it for the last 3 month and I lost alot of weight, grew my eyebrows, got smaller nose, still want get other things done , actually its so much fun to do specially its in a natural way without surgery or money

    1. @sam – it seems smaller because you massage it. If you stopped doing the massage it will go back to normal. Same with golki therapy. Your face is just getting smaller because you loose fat in some areas of your face, your muscles get more firm, but once you’re stop doing it, your face will go back to once it were. Same like with the gym. You change your body by pumping your muscles, accentuating certain areas of your body, but once you stop doing it, you will look like you looked before, so you don’t change your bone structure, you exercise your muscles. It’s not permanent.

    2. @Lily i dont massage my nose that was like 6 month ago i just tried it to check how big my nose bone is..but my nose got smaller withouy massages
      And for my weight i dont diet or go to gym and im still slim i didnt gain weight

  9. I look younger now at 58 than I did at 18- going no contact with toxic family made a huge difference in not just my life but my whole appearance. You can’t help but change once you remove the negativity and abuse, and the consequent fear.

    1. @Go Hard anything is possible! The lack of belief in this, is the resistance that stops these things from happening. Idk if she does or not but telling someone things aren’t possible is really a form of hating and dream crushing in the LOAttraction/Assumption world. There are tons of stories out there of unbelievable things people have been able to manifest. Anything is possible

    2. I really love this comment you made because that is the key. When we are stressed out or dealing with toxicity it really creates this ripple effect internally and externally. TBH there are people who look good on the outside but have junk in the inside. If you work out regardless, get a tan and dress in fitter attire it does change your appearance but the most impactful is removing the external and internal negativity to vibe higher.

    3. @Go Hard Stress can absolutely make you look years older than your physical age. When you remove the stresses, the physical changes they caused will also leave.

  10. May 2020 I took inspired action and decided to start a workout routine I was invited into by a friend. I worked out 5 days a week but then attempted to diet because my mind told me that was what I was supposed to do. I immediately felt so much resistance and triggers come back up from my past. I had been tortured about my weight since I was 12 and the word “Diet” carried so much trauma for me (especially because I wasn’t even overweight). I asked the Universe to show me a way to still drop pounds while eating what I want and doing my 5 day a week workouts. I came across your video about how you were able to eat a high number of calories and still maintain your ideal body. You had trained your mind to believe that you could eat whatever and still maintain a healthy body and weight. I knew this was my answer! I adopted this mindset and kept telling myself that I can eat whatever my body feels like eating and I am always healthy and dropping pounds and that my workouts are enough. May 2020 I was 312lbs wearing a size 26 in jeans and 3x-4x. Now I am 272lbs and dropping, a size 20-22 in jeans and a 1x-2x. All while still enjoying the foods I love and yes, inspired action STILL has me working out 5 days a week. This is a HUGE deal for me because I have tried the whole weight loss thing since I was 12. Everything from Slim-Fast to the Cabbage soup diet to the 80/20 diet to becoming Vegetarian to Low Carb to Protein shakes to diet pills to only eating grilled Salmon, brown rice, and boiled eggs. I would work out for an hour a day 6 days a week, plus a strict diet, and would only lose maybe half a pound in a 3 to 4 month period. I struggled to stay motivated, (note I said motivated instead of inspired) and I failed each time. So the fact that the inspiration to be active came first was already a miracle, then to receive this new concept that all I have to do is change what I believe can be possible for me…just completely life-changing. These results are incredible. I am coming up on year 2 of my journey, but for the first year, I didn’t even own a scale. That is how much I just did not care about results. I was just inspired to work out and eat normally. The results came, I believe as a result of non-resistance. Of letting go of the old belief systems I had surrounding weight loss and how it had to be done in a specific way that mainstream said it needed to be. I did it my way and I am 40lbs lighter because of it. For the first time in my life, the weight is actually coming off and I still eat ice cream, tacos, and pizza WITHOUT GUILT OR SHAME! Thank you Andrea for your videos and for giving me that boost to step outside the parameters of my limiting beliefs!

    1. Amen F.A.M.E keep up the good work honey. It’s a mindset thing that we all can change. Keep thinking positively and speaking good to yourself! ????

    1. You are lovely before and after. No purple hair, nose rings or neck tattoos to look past.

    2. zinc is helping skin very, much (take a bioavailable form); know nobody, who didn´t get clear skin after having taken it

  11. I’ve done a complete transformation MULTIPLE times in my life and even wrote a book explaining what I did called You Don’t Need a Facelift. When I started focusing more on making money than my appearance…and started having a bad self-concept, I went through another phase. I tended to be able to control my appearance when I thought that I looked good.

    1. Hi Bethany. Thank you for sharing. Is “you don’t need a face-lift a book, or is it a program you’ve tried? I’m super curious because it sounds awesome whatever it is.

  12. I HEALED MY PERIOD WITH THIS METHOD! I went from a really heavy 7 day period (like having to change tampons every 2 hours) to a normal light 3 days!! One day instead of saying it was such a pester and being annoyed with it, I decided to absolutely love it! And I went hardcore on that and it was an immediate shift the next day and it’s been this way for almost a year now

    1. That’s so inspiring to hear!!? I wanna change my period from being an extremely painful one. I started having to take so many painkillers for it I feel nauseous, sometimes. But I realized it feels harder to manifest that cause it’s difficult to live in the reality of having no pain, while I’m feeling awful ? I’m definitely going to try, tho

    2. Omg I also did something similar.. I had irregular periods and when I did get bk in track they were painful heavy and 7 days …. so I started to be grateful … i told myself that it showed that I’m young and healthy it’s a blessing cause I can create babys… once I appreciate that I went from awful week to 3 day light painless periods… and I did it without knowing… it’s just amazing to me …

    3. Omg ? I need to try but it’s so heavy and caused me to be chronically anemic I don’t know if I can make peace with it ?

    4. @yes, its that time I had this same issue and tried everything except for loving it lol, I tried many birth control and it never worked, i did find something tho, now my period is 4 days. It’s a gummy called flo vitamins. There are many period gummies so you don’t have to get that one but make sure it has lemon balm in it, medical medium claims lemon balm heals womens reproductive organs and it worked for me….so in case you don’t like the birth control try the gummies they changed my life, I’m not a paid person lol just someone who struggled for years with a 7 day heavy period

  13. 1. Make peace with your « problems areas »
    2. LOVE your « problem area »
    3. Identify yourself as an attractive, a good-looking person

  14. Up until 5 years ago my face/mouth was extremely and very NOTICEABLY crooked. I hated looking at my face and felt very ugly. I also had never been happy with my body. One day I just decides I was going to accept the body I have and decides my face was perfectly aligned and my smile perfect. I started everyday saying how grateful I was for my healthy fit body and my perfectly aligned smile. My body , my face, my skin everything continued to get better and better. At 49 last year my son said mom you have a body like an 18 year old. My daughter who does live near me asked mom did you get your face fixed? The doctor said I’d have to have surgery. Well that was only true because I believed it until I didn’t anymore. I realized through life I focused on what I didn’t have aor like about myself until i started focusing on what I did have and affirming what I wanted to look like. Its crazy but I works

    1. I have this problem but an unlikely source made me feel like it’s a blessing. Slyvester Stallone kinda has that problem too but he is still handsome. You just have to find a way to make it work. I like having an asymmetrical face. I just want to fix my teeth and grow back my eyelashes.

  15. This is literally a sign from universe, cause I started to think of changing my appearance with the LOA. thank you ?

  16. I changed my breast size. No joke people asked me if I had a breast augmentation. I was very specific, and I honestly did it just by doing a Quantum leap. It didn’t happen overnight but within a month I was larger and they aren’t sagging, i would like to note that I just asked for it and let it go. I didn’t stress over it, I didn’t believe it couldn’t happen. Also I was alright with my breast size before which I guess was being at peace with it. I actually went to the Dr to find out if something was wrong with my breasts because of the growth. There wasn’t anything wrong. People still don’t believe I didn’t do anything to myself like use a cream or a pill. It just happened. It is possible! Believe it, achieve it and let it go. It will happen.
    Also i have the same hair you did. I live in South Carolina and it lives in a bun. So I will be working on that next. Thank you for this video

    1. @Meenal Singh I went from a B to a D . It just kind of happened. I got checked out to see if there was something wrong at the Dr. It only worked because I did a Quantum leap asked for it and then let it go as if it already happened. It was like getting my breasts done without surgery.

  17. Definitely one of the best videos I have seen on appearance change!!! I can really feel the authenticity of this content ! Thank you so much! I was so down yesterday over an unpleasant comment, watching this video has really lifted my vibration! You’re a gem! ?????

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