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48 thoughts on “? How to Manifest Money WITHOUT A JOB!

  1. This video is really inspiring, as I’m currently at this stage of my life stressing about money but with no job. Thank you?

  2. I’m that person that really does not like having a job but I love making money in creative ways through my passions that I know sell. I resigned from my job as a special needs teaching assistant & have felt SUCH a weight lift. I’ve been able to work on more content for my channel, work on my course again which i’ve fell off of due to stresses of 2021, & am also a reseller. I love having multiple ways to make money but lately it’s been a tad rough & I need to step it up financially. I’ve worried the past few days I’d need to go back to working even tho my kids and husband love me home because I can take care of everything in the home much easier with more of this free time. This video really made me feel inspired & more positive that I am going to manifest everything I need and my business will bloom into wealth as I continue to work towards more money. Thanks for this video! ???

    1. Glad you liked the video Tina Marie-try the practice out! You’ll attract your continued freedom from jobs. Lots of love to you XOXO

  3. I’m not going to bullshit anyone lol… I would love to experience residual streams of financial abundance without being attached to a job.

  4. This video made me smile ? I have been with a company and we started remote work during COVID. Now that we are back to office I am secretly annoyed and hope I could just keep doing the same job fully from home, it gave me more freedom and less stress. Maybe that’s my ideal job situation. Thank you Andrea!

    1. @Rania • there’s this basic rule that goes “when you don’t have anything nice to say, then it’s better you don’t say anything”. Do you know it? Just apply it and your life will get so much better ?

    2. if you feel you more comfortable from home doing the same job,just think about suitable timing,when your boss in good mood and ask for it.or at least few days a week home.if you were good with company they will not want to loose you and might agreed u can continue from home….especially if you have chidlren they most likely make it partly possible…

  5. This was heaven sent, Andrea. I’ve been laid off since the very start of the pandemic. I started my business journey several months later. It hasn’t made me riches but somehow I made it to today! I’ve spent a lot of time applying and interviewing for jobs but NO ONE has hired me. Not the jobs I’m qualified for, not the jobs I’m overqualified for. It seemed like a sign to focus my attention on other things, like growing my business. I’m in the process of attracting the kind of money I want now. I prayed for a specific amount last night.

    1. So Andrea, now from your past videos, You stated you was at a corporate job for some years, so that means you had money saved up and you made enough for a cushion. So how can someone be in a mindset that is starting from NOTHING and not having a job? Please correct if I’m wrong about anything but I am speaking for myself.

  6. I love this video. Sooo helpful! I quit my job about a month ago and I’m learning to manifest money without a job. It was really hard for me to let go that I can receive money in different ways and I’m learning to receive and accept that now. Thank you for affirming this, Andrea ❤️

  7. The timing of this video is just perfect. I quit after 7 years in a senior role in retail. Some people think I’m silly for quitting without having a job to go to but I couldn’t stand it any longer. I couldn’t suffer much longer. Thank you for the advice and guidance this is exactly what I needed.

    1. @amy colucci other people aren’t responsible for your financial or mental health. Take care of yourself- first!

    2. Me too… just quiting job in retail after 6.5 years without having a job to go. We are not alone ?

    3. Good for you queen!! Good luck with manifesting money! I’m proud of you for quitting!! We really can’t suffer through our whole life for a minimum wage job!!! How are you today 8 months later???

  8. I quit my nursing job a year ago due to crippling stress and anxiety related to the job. I was in misery. I do not want to go back! This video is perfect timing…ty!

  9. I would love to manifest money without a job. I keep myself busy at home taking care of my elderly parents and grandma. This advice would really be helpful.

    1. You might be able to get paid for what you’re already doing — if any or all of them are eligible through their health insurance/ Medicare for home health care/ aide… You can be designated as their health care aide. Possibly this would also involve taking a very brief course to get officially certified as one.

  10. I will continue to manifest wealth without a job… Abundance is a infinite resource and it comes easily and effortlessly by me just being myself

  11. My goal at this moment is to manifest money.. without a job. I haven’t had a job since the end of 2019, I have attracted the money that I need to survive. Now I want learn how to attract an abundance.

    1. Just like me since the end of 2019 i KNOW you do not need a job to get money. The thing is i am not sure what to do…i am looking for a forever home

  12. I’m an artist, so I love receiving money from where ever it comes.
    I do art projects, coaching, and sell products, so I don’t mind working on that stuff.
    But I have not worked at a job since 2016. I intend to get wealthy and stay jobless for the rest of my life.

  13. Another great take away from this video: *”Through Law of Attraction, when you ask a question, you come into alignment with the answer.”*

  14. I quietly quit my job about 2 months ago. It was killing me mentally and physically. At 58 years old I just want to be financially free to do what I want and enjoy the rest of the time I have.
    Thank you Andrea!
    Thank you Universe!

  15. Proclaim “Its a wonderful day, to do wonderful service, for wonderful pay, in a wonderful way.”

    1. I just said this a couple of times and then an Idea just popped into me super fast. I will be getting almost $500 for that idea. Woww very impressive

  16. Thank you for sharing this video Andrea that was a very powerful lesson; it was amazing too. Last year in 2021 I walked out on my job I had for 8 years as in the last year of employment I got fed up with my boss at the time. I am now self-employed but at this time have made very little money. Would like to receive more easily.

  17. Definitely I’m trying to remain jobless, so to speak, and accept and receive money from the loving benevolent Universe ?♥️

  18. I want a combination of the two! I want to be able to work whenever I want because I love contributing to society, and I need the flexibility to pursue a creative career and side hustles, which clashes with a 9-5. So having a big fat check from the Universe every month would help me with that ?

    P.S. I’m so sick of the old paradigm of employers looking at job hoppers’ CVs and asking “Why didn’t you pick a path and stick to it?” I mean…it’s 2022. I always point out that I have a TON of life experience and a wealth of different skills from all my different jobs.

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