This Manifesting Technique Can Change Your Life! (The 555 Method)


Have you attempted the 555 approach yet? This showing up strategy can transform your life (most definitely benefited me!). Check out today's video clip.

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66 thoughts on “This Manifesting Technique Can Change Your Life! (The 555 Method)

  1. Along my journey I have found that our focus and concentration literally directs the energy that makes up the material world. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed – it only changes and shifts. When we affirm in the vibrational frequency of abundance – we shift energy into that vibrational frequency and that is the state of thriving and living heaven on earth. Peace.

    1. W.M MaGustavo, your comments are always like a cool breeze in hot desert…..always positive, motivated…..hats off to you. Much love!? God bless!

    1. @Jr Till you can use it for anything,after a while you can repeat it,but you have to let it go and trust the process
      Divine timing,things come when eveything is ready,not when your ego and control wants it?

    2. @sezzy Ahmed try doing hoponopono meditations every
      day,try that for couple.of months
      And try to direct focus to yourself and not to others,when you are so happy about yourself and your life and you radiate light ,judgement is not present any more???

    3. @majab612 I can’t stick to it and focus due to many different conditions ı have. I’m never happy either so it’s hard to focus while in darkness all the time. I feel so trapped and miserable

  2. This method works best for those who love to write, fast writers and have lots of free private time to themselves. My writing hand actually started aching as I was watching this video remembering when I tried this. ☺️

    1. Lol…I was thinking hmmmm not sure this is a good technique for my husband who hates writing unlike me who I’m all in for doing this! Haha thanks for the words confirming my thoughts.

    2. LaShaundra Christmas Yeah you should look into the other variations like 333 or 444 etc. I’m not sure if it’s a numerology thing where doing 555 is more effective or what. I’ve heard that if an LOA technique feels like a chore and you aren’t in that high vibration zone then it defeats the purpose of doing it. I might try 333 to see how that works.

    3. Instead of typing, try taking some time out with yourself, and with full passion verbalise the statement with lots of feeling and emotion. As if it’s already happened. I tend to put on my headphones, turn on some music that makes me feel amazing, begin to day-dream about that perfect life or desire as if it’s already mine, then begin verbalising the statements with a lot of force and energy…almost to a point where I am bouncing. I find this works equally well.

    4. M Vee that makes perfect sense about if it feels like a chore then there’s most likely resistance around it therefore not allowing manifestation to come through! I actually started the 555 method yesterday since I enjoy writing and have always had a connection with 555 especially here in the last two years. I may introduce the other options to my husband since he’s not a fan of writing!
      Thank you so much for your reply!??

  3. It’s a very powerful technique! When we use repetition we are training our subconscious mind for SUCCESS! We are training ourselves to believe that all is POSSIBLE !!!

    1. @Andrea Schulman Yes it is lol but it’s well worth it. What it does to the subconscious is mind blowing! Literally lol

    1. Quantum Man do you have any secrets on manifesting? I’m just writing down the things I want on a piece of paper and speaking it out loud for instants saying “ I am happily married” or “ I love my new job” I’ve been doing this for months

  4. “Money Comes To Me In Abundance Easily N Quickly !
    I am The Money Magnet!
    I am Grateful N Thankful To The Divine Universe!!..

    1. What affirmations can ı use to stop judging and fault picking? As ı have s really bad habit of doing it which has caused problems

  5. So, while you’re writing it and saying it, have a glass of clear spring water beside you, absorbing the positive energy of your vocal affirmations, charging the water with your positivity. When you are finished writing, drink the glass of water, and it will spread to every cell in your body, filling every cell with the positive energy of your affirmations, resulting in every cell of your body working together to manifest the subject of your affirmations.

    1. @Adopt-a-Pet no, actually. Just from YT videos of water manifesting with its similar elements to those described here. If I sit at the table writing and have my glass of water sitting just nearby, doesn’t it seem reasonable to just move it closer, bring it into the activity, and combine the two methods into one? Why do a writing manifestation alone and a water manifestation alone an hour later when I can combine the two, hopefully doubling the impact? I can use the next hour for something that doesn’t combine so easily. But, then again, as I sit to meditate, maybe I could just hold a glass of water while speaking my meditation out loud and double up again? Does it work? Prove it doesn’t! So, anyway, these are just thoughts for discussion. I’m no expert or even habitual practitioner. I like TFT/eft/tapping every morning while I sit in the car before going to work. But I’m not habitual with that, either.

    2. @david david actually all ‘water manifestation’ techniques are based on his work, you may want to check it out ?

    3. DD, has this worked or is this a prank? I use lots of techniques that work but do not know of this water trick.

  6. I’m 20 and was taught when I was young how to use the law of attraction. Your teaching a great thing. Goals, hard work, mindset, repeat. Kids these days rely on so much and never understand how to get anything on their own. The world is yours! Best of luck 🙂

  7. Hi Andrea, I’ve just to say that I took your Law of attraction test and in the same day I manifested the duck! It was very impressive ! Now I am using all your technics and tips! Thank you so much for all the work you do! All the Best

  8. This method changed my life! The very first day I started writing my goal, I could feel my body releasing doubts and resistance. By day 3 I had convinced my subconscious of my goal and was reaping the benefits. This by far is the strongest technique that I’ve encountered. Very helpful! Lots of writing, but fun & effective nonetheless lol. I highly recommend this for anyone willing to dedicate time for themselves. You’ll be amazed ?

  9. Less than an hour ago I started with day 1. I wrote my 55 lines and 10 mins ago unexpected money showed up. Truly awesome. Thank you Andrea. Much love ✌️

    1. @Inuyasha Uno yes but what is most important in writing, you are stating your intent to universal synchronicity.

  10. Thank you in advance!!! Im starting tomorrow 2/25/20 and I can already feel my manifestation coming towards me ❤❤❤

  11. Hey Andrea, I just wanted to take a moment and say “thank you” for inspiring me on my spiritual journey. I was born with a congenital heart defect, I had two heart surgeries and I was completely broke. Your message has helped me to believe in myself and to manifest money, health and a true feeling of love for myself. You inspired me to start my own YouTube channel and to help others to awaken and to reach a higher level of consciousness. From the bottom of my heart: thank you, thank you!

  12. Another key that I’ve found to manifesting what I want very quickly is to feel it. How does it feel emotionally to have all that you desire. An emotional connection will raise your vibration and increase the speed of what you want to manifest.

  13. 5days x 55 Times
    Write the goal in a positive way.
    Frame it as if you already have it.
    Add appreciation to it.

    Eg- I am blessed to have a harmonious relationship with my partner.

    You have it + Gratitude attitude.
    Be as brief and specific as possible.

    Try to THINK about having/receiving it while writing.
    How might it be like to have it?
    Practicing on the thoughts.

    Thoughts might stray, bring them back to the process.

    Say the statements out loud a number of times while writing.
    Thank you❤️

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