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39 thoughts on “MAGNIFY Your Power of Thought | 10X Law of Attraction

  1. Thank you!! I’m going to try this out!! Have a great day to everyone reading this!! May all your hearts desires be met!❤️

  2. This is GREAT!!! I’m going to use this today for a couple of things!!! For the outcome of a dinner I have to make…for the outcome of a financial expectation…good grief..I have a long list!!! I will let you know my outcomes!!
    Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

  3. The entire Universe is conspiring to give you everything you want. Think of all the good things in your life. And now realize that you brought them all into your life. Your thoughts and feelings moved the energies of the Universe to bring all those good things to you. You are a powerful being.

    Much Love from a Law Of Attraction YouTuber ?

  4. Thanks, visualizing techniques definitely have a strong influence on attracting things into your life! Neville Goddard stressed this. I’ve done this intentionally sometimes and other times unintentionally being that it just came naturally. In essence daydreaming. It can be quite effective indeed!

  5. Great tips, Andrea! I am going to try them out. The hard part for me has been to make these techniques a habit. Probably I should start visualizing these tips becoming a habit 🙂

    1. Try using this technique on small, everyday things (eg: reaching something way in the back of a tall cupboard/shelf; seeing your partner walk thru the door with a smile on their face; the line at Starbuck’s moves faster than it has in the past; finding your perfect parking spot; etc…) I’ve found when I used it for little things it became a habit and my life just ran smoother. I’m ready to try it on the bigger stuff. Give it a go – make it a game – it’s fun! Good luck ☺️

  6. I’m going to do this before every walk/run I go on. P.S. I all ready tried this on a different topic and IT WORKED!

    1. @Mary 1111 tell me what you’re talking about you’re going to do what before you walk and runs?

    2. @Mary 1111 naturally I low-key be visualizing anyway I told myself I was going to get $400 today and I did

  7. You are truly the best! I don’t know why I keep forgetting this stuff, but I can always count on you for helpful reminders ???

  8. Wow! This is an amazing technique, Andrea! I would use this exercise right before I have to interact with a family member or two who I usually don’t get along with but unfortunately depend on for certain necessities. Hopefully I get my desired outcomes! Excited to try this…thank you!! <3

  9. This definitely works! I’ve been doing this unconsciously for little things. I never considered practicing this for more impactful desires. Thanks Andrea! ????

  10. So, two things…
    1. You have strikingly beautiful eyes. Such a beautiful color!!
    2. You have helped me to make a major shift in my perspective of the things I desire. Learning that my desire was given to me in order to help me grow and to help other people is a major game changer.
    Thank you so much for being such an inspiration. Bless you!!

    1. I tried this and it WORKS. I manifested learning about the secret from a super cute brunette with beautiful eyes and an amazing audience and now here you are ?. Also your fans are pretty cool and amazing ??

    2. @Cheyenne Alvis what do u actually do I’m short on time right now so I can’t watch the full video but I really want to know

    3. The next time you wake up, before opening your eyes, imagine you’re in your dream mansion, worth a thousand billion dollars. Repeat, and one day you might get it work.

    4. Such a great video. One thing I do personally when I so called visualize/create/manifest etc. is that I seek to “Experience” the event/outcome.
      It may seem like just a synonym of the other words but there are micro nuances between words and concepts that can make a difference in making the final step in you understanding, believing and then truly “KNOWING” something.

      When you experience an event like watching a bolt of lightening strike just across the street from you and hearing the boom .. You are “Here” and it is “There. Your sight is a vibration stimulating your seeing it, your hearing it is the vibrating of your ear drum and you may feel the shock of the boom on your body which is vibration. These are all just individual sensors while you actually “Experience” it in your mind. The great thing about contemplating this is knowing that when you visualize/create/Manifest —- an “EXPERIENCE” or desired state in your mind intentionally. It is every bit the same to your subconscious mind as if you did experience it.

      One more important thing I have had the most success with is using a prolonged laser like focus on my experience. If you have an egg timer or even use a cell phone timer but make sure it is in another room and set it for 5 minutes and hold your thought or play your experience continually for that time. It will seem like an eternity. Most songs are about 3.5 minutes. Few teachers of manifestation will tell you to hold your thought continually but try it. You will have to wrestle with it but I have had amazing success at holding thoughts for hours by having a second slightly different experience that achieves the same goal. When I feel sick to death or frustrated at playing my experience and my brain demands a change I switch to the other experience and when my mind got impatient I would switch back.

      I devised this on a coast to coast flight for many hours and determined to manifest a desire and I was concerned that alternating the two experiences would cancel each other out. The most powerful moment of manifestation is when you are falling asleep or waking up in the Theta brain wave state. Experienced students can meditate and enter this state but most people have to work at it. I found that on a long flight with the droning of the engines as I was meditating it put me in a delirious half awake/asleep state. The following day it was shocking how all of my manifestations came true and including the key aspects of the two scenarios perfectly. Wow. Not only did it confirm for me that you can use multiple visualizations the inclusion of humorous distinct details removed all doubt that what occurred might be just a coincidence. It was a very big deal. I wish I could share the details but I can’t. So now I always use the dual “Experiences” manifestation technique to prolong my visualization/experience sessions. I hope you have success with it as well. Good Luck.

  11. Prepave – Visualize, smile, how will I feel, follow the story line one step further, make it a habit. Love it, thank you!

    1. When you close your eyes and smile and think to yourself a gentle Ha Ha ha.. Laugh you can feel it. Not thinking of the words but feeling a sincere chuckle you can feel a small rush of pleasure go up your spine.
      This is a perfect way to meld emotion with a desired outcome. Like visualizing a loved one or neighbor standing there and thinking “Ha Ha Ha I love my new car” and see the car in absolute clarity sitting in your driveway. This is no less than a version of transmuting sexual energy. Think of it as transmuting positive humored energy.

  12. PS…I love how thoroughly you are in explaining this technique. I was already planning on visualising and meditating this weekend for sales in my business and your vid came up. Certainly helpful. Thank you ? I’m in alignment ???

  13. We actually recommend this to our brainwave entrainment clients when helping to reprogram the way they process thoughts. In addition to using binaural frequencies and affirmations, we recommend this video to them — as it is something less science-y and more familiar. And the bonus of course, is that it works. Be well and great video!

  14. I’ve always had a hard time opening up to people I’m a closed book or I always try to avoid talk. I want to manifest making conversation with people I know and new people. I believe I can use this technique for that.

  15. Andrea is spot on.. Thank you for being a creator of this content. Much gratefulness

  16. At work, every time I have a meeting or idea, it’s so well received and I am naturally led to the next set of inspiring steps ?

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