LAW OF ATTRACTION TEST: See If You Attract This Within 2 Days


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The Law of Tourist attraction is everything about counting on your ability to have things that you desire and to create your truth. In life, you obtain what you believe!

My name is Andrea Schulman as well as I am a LOA train and also teacher from Raising Your Vibration Today (). I collaborate with people to help them make use of the Legislation of Attraction with success.

Today's video is a fast Legislation of Tourist attraction examination you can use to practice showing up. Use this simple visualization difficulty to concentrate as well as bring an objective with to fulfillment.

Find out just how to imagine successfully and also just how to make use of the regulation of attraction for yourself. Enjoy!

XO, Andrea
Law of Attraction Education

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43 thoughts on “LAW OF ATTRACTION TEST: See If You Attract This Within 2 Days

  1. Stick a fork in me ; I’m done !! LOL  This worked like a charm. Although I am not new to LOA , I seem to always want to run some kind of “cloak & dagger ” test ! LOL I did this 3/9/17 mid afternoon & by 4am 3/10/17 my daughter , who is away at college , had posted this to her page  !! That’s right SEVERAL ducks !! I’m too stoked! Thanks for what you do 🙂

    1. @Ee Zee ​ @Lino V.J. Aragona Didn’t work for me first time I did it either. Lets see what happens this time

    2. @Brassic I wonder if you have to go out for this to work. I mean, if a person stays home all day, it’s less likely they come across certain objects, wouldn’t it?

    3. @Brassic And so how would something show up if you never had such an object in your home, such as a rubber duck? Well, I guess God or Source would find a way.

  2. It took me bit longer (about a week), so I had kind of already forgotten about this excercise. But yesterday one of my friends mentioned a rubber duck in a random conversation I had with him and immediately I thought about your video and realised that it’s worked! This is so amazing!

  3. Since I did this a week ago and saw the rubber duck, I have been picking a new object every day … because it’s fun to do… and I swear to you I’ve seen what I’ve asked to see – every day… a blue bird, a Mime, a blue bike, a woman with a long blonde braid way down her back… other random things… I have no reason to pick these things, they just pop in my head …it has Blown My Mind just how Powerful we are! Thank you for this trick…. It has helped me in my business to open up with people, clients… thank you for this. I like your videos.

  4. That’s amazing I tried this test Saturday, and literally came in contact with a drum on Sunday. I had totally forgot that I visualized it beforehand.

  5. Law of attraction hack: if you want to increase the power of attraction, try to visualize yourself visualizing your 2ndself visualizing the thing that you desire, the deeper you go the faster you get your thing (try to keep it an even number of layers)

    1. @Cook for less: simple and with love do you visualize in 1st person point of view or 3rd, like watching a movie?

  6. This works! I did this last night around 11 pm. Today (around 12 this afternoon) I was having a really bad day, but I get home and scroll on Facebook and someone posts a picture of a four leaf clover. A huge four leaf clover on my timeline!!! This works. I will definitely use this technique from now on!!!! Thank you!

  7. But I have to say, as soon as I stopped thinking about the drum it suddenly appeared. So try focus on other stuff and dont panic if you dont see any results yet! Trust the universe

  8. Amazing! I did this on September 27, it took more than two days but it manifested in eight. I went to a restaurant and a rubber duck came with the meal ?. I’m a believer and working on my next manifestation. Thank you.

  9. I did this at 10 am and it is now 1:45 pm and my daugther came to me out of nowhere with a book and she showed me the picture of the duck I had visualized earlier ? thank yoy for this ??

    1. Maybe it’s a sign that you’re manifesting before you’re even aware that you’re trying… you’re super powerful! ??

  10. I had to comment on this because this is the first time I’ve been aware of the LOA in action. I went through this exercise and I visualised a rubber duck. It’s actually been three days, not two, since I did it and no rubber duck. I even remembered this morning and thought “Oh yeah, I should have manifested a rubber duck before now, but no rubber duck. Oh well…” and that was it.

    Well, here’s the thing that just blew me away: I’ve been going through a tough time with a girl I love and because of this there’s a song that’s been in my head today from one of my favourite singers. It’s a song I’ve known for many years but just a few minutes ago I wondered if there are any live versions on YouTube, as I’ve never seen one before. So I looked and found one that was recorded two years ago. I was about half way through the video when I noticed something sitting on the amplifier right behind the singer – a rubber duck!!!! Not only that, it was EXACTLY how I visualised it! Now, I’m not good at visualising and when I tried to imagine the shape of the duck it always seemed like its back was too flat. But I went with it regardless. And lo and behold, the rubber duck in that video is shaped EXACTLY how I visualised it!

    Now, that’s insane! Not only did the rubber duck manifest, but in a 2 year-old video that I was prompted to look for because of a song that’s been going round my head due to my heartbreak!

  11. OMG it worked like magic!!
    I practiced the visualisation of this video for 2 days and I manifested a new phone on the 4th day.
    Getting a new phone suddenly was really unexpected for us, but if you believe it, you can achieve it.

  12. I’m new to your channel. I’ve watched a lot of law of attraction videos lately. There is something about the way you explain it that really gives me a better understanding so thank you. So last night around 9pm I watched this video. I did the visualizations you talked about and picked the rubber duck. At 7:30pm tonight, my rubber duck came to me. I’m going to try the drum next. Thank you for your videos☺️

  13. Thank you for the awesome video!
    I did the test and chosen the drum but was imagining the whole drum set instead and i only managed to manifest it 4-5 days later from Instagram.

    And i gave another shot to manifest the rubber duck only 5 days later and just seen lots of them in a TV advertisement which I don’t usually pay much attention to.
    Just wondering whether it is considered ok since they were not being manifested within 2 days.
    Thank you Andrea!❤️

  14. I’ve been getting into spiritually, manifestation and raising my vibration since Autumn and i follow a lot of YouTubers that relate to them things. I found your page last week and cannot stop watching. You need more subscribers as you are doing an excellent job. I watched this video on Monday night and today i was looking on a cabin holidays web page and on the 3rd page was a picture of three rubber ducks on a hot tub ledge. They looked exactly how i imagined the rubber duck to look like. What an excellent technique you have provided people with. I’m so glad the universe pointed me in your detection X

  15. It took about 3 1/2 days.. but once I let go of the thought of manifesting the drum and just “moved on,” IT CAME TO ME! The exact color and shape I was visualizing and with the sticks! I was laughing so hard when I saw that.?? So awesome!

  16. Hi Andrea, thank you so much for your clarity, your videos are great! Could you do more videos to help manifest small things? I tried this exercise, but it didn’t work.. it would be really helpful for me, if you would do more videos like this, thank you so much!

  17. I love your channel ! You make Manifesting so easy so far I had done your duck and drum and I have manifested them both now I’m adding my own little twist to it because I have a TickTock account and I would love to manifest more followers and more views ❤️

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