Based upon my years of research study, training, and also personal experience … THIS is the number one sign on just how to inform if your symptom is close. Whenever this happens, points turn up!

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43 thoughts on “How to tell if your manifestation is CLOSE!!

  1. when you simply know that it’s coming, you detach from the desire, you don’t check on it all the time… you are certain it’s coming. You will get it whenever you’re ready to get it. ?? it’s already yours!

  2. When you KNOW it’s coming the timeframe doesn’t matter nearly as much anymore. 🙂 I also find that random people are always bringing up the subject when something’s getting close.

  3. Hi Andrea, thank you so much for this reminder ?? I know that I have to be patient with many of my manifestations. At the moment it‘s just really hard for me to keep my feet still bc I feel stuck on the sidings and cannot really influence the many external circumstances. But yet I know there will be a decision coming soon that will lighten up the next steps to be taken.

  4. Yes, this just happened to me over a week ago. When you let go and know that what you want will show up at the perfect time, it shows up. My mind was blown away at how quickly what I was looking for showed up.

  5. The key is not to want it anymore. I do that. I visualize so vividly that I no longer wish it manifests in my physical relaity. That’s when it shows up and more often than not I enjoy it less than in my imagination.

  6. New subscriber here !! I really like this message and I definitely feel at peace about when my manifestations are coming to me in my life ??? I focus on my vision board as a meditation daily and think about my new home throughout the day but I do not stress on when I’m writing that check because the money will come from wherever it’s at in perfect time

    1. These recommendations always seem to pop up when I’m in the right mood. If I actually go searching form I never seem to be able to find it

    2. Kevin Trudeau had a series and in that he described it like knowing it’s coming like Christmas tomorrow tomorrow. You don’t have to worry about it because the day is coming you just absolutely know and get more and more more excited and then boom it’s here and you can unwrap your presents . I kind of like the way you describe it too

  7. Yes! I love how you said “the RELEASE of the time constraint.” This is perfect timing haha…and I know my manifestation is SUPER DUPER close!!!!
    Also I loved how you got right to the point and all your little signal sounds? I subscribed

  8. Time doesn’t even matter. You stay consistent and positive. Stay working spiritually Help others. Don’t worry

  9. 1. Stop worrying, when genuinely get the feeling of ” it’s going to come no big deal” is when it comes very soon.
    2. Release the time constrain and start playing with the idea that it might actually be better if it comes later

    1. I am a Reggae singer from the UK! I have been manifesting performing on Later with Jools Holland! I know it’s coming…I feel it.

  10. thank you for this video! it made me happy.. a lot of my manifesations are coming true only the bigger ones are really close.. and i feel it coming…. and i detached from it.. SO IT IS COMING REALLY SOON!!! ALSO MY GUT FEELING TOLD ME IT SO YEAY! 🙂
    edit: the thing i wanted the most happened!!! i am so thankful!

  11. Helpful tip: I changed my mindset to “it’s already here” and I relax into that knowing and everything has shifted for me. I realized that “waiting” for something “to come” kept me in resistance mode. If a thought about timing pops up I address it with, “Thank you for sharing but it’s already done! How cool is that!” ??

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