Are you power sensitive? If so, you might be shocked to discover this is a big asset when it pertains to manifesting. Take a look at these 3 indicators and learn.

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70 thoughts on “Are you ENERGY SENSITIVE? (3 signs)

  1. Love how you addressed the negative connotation that sometimes comes along with being energy sensitive. I agree that in reality, it’s a gift! Wishing everyone happy holidays! ♥️♥️♥️

  2. One way to know if you are energy sensitive is that you can read te people around you easily. Energy is another word for information, so when you tune into the people around you, you receive insight or inside information into their vibrational set point. This allows you to make important decisions and choices for yourself. Thank you ?

  3. Thank you , having compassion and/ or empathy for others can be good but you need to have a strong awareness level as well .. You can care for others but you need to protect your peace , & well being & your heart so that you can have stability for yourself and for others to maintain a healthy life ❤️?????

  4. Understanding people’s feelings is a very beautiful quality, having empathy, but when we absorb people’s energy, we need to know when do we need to take a step back to protect ourselves and our energy, surround ourselves with those who make us feel good, positive and kind people! I think being energy sensitive can be a very beautiful gift ♡

  5. Yes I m energy sensitive because I feel many a times people often mistaken me to be over sensitive n emotional at various situations.Its tough sometimes to cope up with negative energies around but prayer n affirmations really work in my case it cleanses my mind immediately.

    1. @Andrea Schulman New Subscriber. Thanks for the video. Been like this all my life, however just learned several months ago I am an empath. Watching videos on YouTube about empaths has Charged my life for the better. Recently been learning about energy and that has changed my life unbelievably. As a person with chronic pain too, wow! Knowing about your body and how energy can affect you. Life charger. I now have a video to let others hear someone else speak about energy. Would be great if you could do more.

  6. I don’t know whether I’m energy sensitive or not but one thing is pretty sure that I immediately change my surroundings whenever I feel something not right and try my best to adapt in a suitable environment for me. Thanks a lot, Andrea for this wonderful video and merry Christmas in advance. ?????

  7. I had to stop watching certain tv shows and movies, news or being on social media cuz I noticed how the affect my emotions. There’s so much negativity and they make it addicting. I stopped 2 months ago, and I feel so much better. I guess that’s part of the good thing about being energy sensitive. I noticed my family or other ppl not noticing how these things can affect their emotional state. The only problem is that I don’t have a lot of things to watch these days, the good positive shows get canceled

    1. SAME… I used to LOVE “true crime shows” [bc I’m a freaking weirdo], but NOW … they give me horrible anxiety!! So, I’ve had to swap up what I choose to watch. Blessings ???

    2. I got rid of my TV, Internet in house gone, no news papers or magazines, I just listen to music on the radio…. I have fb account but probably a year since I last checked it, have insta but look only at nature and animal’s, I have no things like snap ect…. I do watch YouTube ( like now ) on my phone…….. My main connection is with the outside natural vibration ???

    3. Very true. As a child, I asked my patient and peaceful 80-something yr old great-grandmother what the secret to her long life was, and she told me to never watch the news or dramatic shows. I have followed that wisdom mostly and have been a peaceful and happy person for over 35 yrs since she shared that. She lived to 107 yrs old and passed peacefully and still healthy.

  8. I tend to lean towards depression, so I don’t watch the news and things like that. Thank you so much for this very insightful video. ???

    1. I stay clear from news too cuz imma be thinking about everything and everyone and will be crushed because I know I cannot help everyone and of hurts so much tbh

    2. Nessa R I don’t watch the news either, I can’t read political views on social media anything that causes me grief or sadness. I just scroll on by can’t engage with it ??

    3. I can’t thank you enough for this comment! I avoid the news and things going on around me because it makes me sink deeper into a hole of depression. It’s nice hearing it from someone else

  9. I am empathic and can easily pick up the energy and vibes of others. One of the reasons I hate being in large crowds is because I feel overwhelmed from the bombardment from the energy of those around me. All my life being so sensitive and empathetic was seen as a negative and I’m so grateful you recognized that.

    1. @StopFear everyone and everything in the world is made of energy. Even the SUN is made of energy… the moon the planets sooo energy is everywhere. Not everyone has that ability to feel it though

    2. People here are using it in sexual energies ‘and have a gathering of it. I’m so miserable here !!. I ‘ve seen people gather in rooms, close the Doors and pass it. to eachother knowing. Don’t know if no one know about it here but thats what going on and many people know about it and is doing it for pleasure.


    4. I have the same experience that’s why I hate crowds I’m burnt out and it’s not even noon when that happens

  10. I can see the colors of ones soul by thier eyes somehow and can feel if they’re genuine, mean,kind,etc it’s a gift and a curse at times it definitely has its price,I feel so much sometimes I cant tell my own feelings from anothers I may be picking up..and it just hurts soo much to witness the suffering of another whether it be a creature or human?

    1. I experience the same with eyes ? finally someone who understands. However, I’ve seeen peoples eyes multiple times and the first thing That came to my mind is that they will die young. And they have ? does anyone know what this is called

    2. @Samantha Pinon
      Its called being gifted but I’m sure its also a curse in moments like that, I dont see that deep so I can only say your strong you wouldn’t of been given that gift if you weren’t

    3. yeap here from childhood … like the lady said death of my friend’s made me drown in the deep darkness of depression i still don’t know what to do … but this video has been eye opener in a way i know it doesn’t make sense to people but only who can feel it they can understand….how hard it is to try to live a normal life in place called society…
      i guess everything happens for a reason.. good or bad doesn’t matter … it is just a test for us in a way …………what I understood is It’s up to us if we want to surround ourselves with positive energy or negative energy …it’s up to you ? if you want to change your life go ahead and take that step ( courage )….and change your life … It’s up to us which path we want to walk on in life … No matter what you do in life ☺️ it ok ! Just move on dear !

  11. Being energy sensitive as a nurse has been helpful and harmful for me. I just have that “intuition“ when a patient is crashing and can intervene early. I have such deep empathy that it serves me well to support my patients. On the flip side, I leave work exhausted, broken and needing so much time by myself to heal. I just had to leave hospital nursing to a clinic setting, because my energies were affecting my home life. The shear amount of illness around me in such sick patients was all too much to handle. In a clinic I am much happier, able to be around one patient at a time, they are not as ill and I spend much shorter times with them, which helps if they are negative. I am still able to help others, but not harm myself. I wish I was less sensitive sometimes. Thank you!

    1. Being an energy sensitive OT, working in both hospitals and nursing homes for over 16 years, I can relate with the intuition about a patient’s state of being. But, the down side is I was ALSO (and unknowingly) sensitive to all the EMF’s in the hospital I was working at. 30 cell dishes on top of it, electronics and WiFi EVERYWHERE. I began having difficulty sleeping, brain fog, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, systemic inflammation (thought I had rheumatoid arthritis) and my hot flashes were unbearable at work. Since no longer working there AND cleaning up my energy environment at home, ALL of my symptoms have disappeared. That is also a downside to being energy sensitive….. It is estimated that 5% to 10% of the world’s population is EHS (electromagnetically HYPER sensitive). I am also one of those people. Are you?

    2. @ENERGY HEALTH KC …yes …I love it when the power goes off …so peaceful and refreshing …like when there is a lot of snow and the night becomes quiet and still …remove the static …aah rejuvenation …as the shackles fall away !

    3. Can relate as massage therapist. Client value my sensitivity but I can burn out easily. Limit my work week to the line where I notice I get depleted. not sure if nursing gives you that flexibility but I find it crucial.

    4. Agreed! I worked Oncology for 7 yrs… loved it but… whew!! I’ve been in urgent care now for 14 yrs… love ‘em and leave ‘em… mostly… so much easier!! Still get exhausted but the day to day is easier…

  12. I’m very sensitive to energy… but I’ve practiced dealing with it and turned it into a strength. Just like playing guitar, I’ve built up my energetic calluses, so to speak. I think it’s important for empaths and introverts to work on being strong through it… like and artist or musician practices their craft. A good sense of humor is key.

    1. Bradley Swanson my sense of humor always helps me make people smile and genuinely laugh. It’s my most effective defense mechanism. Lol sounds funny but it works

    1. 1. Yes. I’m always thinking about my doggies and how they must feel and I always try to step in when they get in trouble. As well as coworkers…
      2. Yes. I always find myself picking up on my boyfriend’s energy for example. I could have had the best day but if he’s not feeling OK I totally shift into a negative quiet emotion… And I’m just like that…
      3. I’m heavily addicted to energy drinks because I always feel drained even if I over slept tbh as well as addicted to chocolate… To the point where if I haven’t eaten and I only have about 5 bucks I would rather have either than actual food… (Currently drinking a Mexican energy drink because I have less than 5 bucks… )

  13. Being energy sensitive helped me a lot in sales. I’m able to read a person immediately and know exactly what to say/do because of that. I always felt like it was strange, or that everyone could do that.. but since then I’ve done a lot of spiritual work.. and I’m actually helping people heal energetically and spiritually now. Sending lots of blessings to anyone reading this now ? but you were right, I manifest and attract things very quickly into my life ☺️ always keep your vibrations high, where low vibrations can’t reach you?

  14. These frequencies have made me super super psychic. Its just crazy how this has changed my life forever. I am absolutely blessed.

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    1. I’m 45, I’ve been extremely sensitive around others since I was born. People thought I was weird and told me I had A.D.D.
      As a child I was able to manifest easily and lived more in my imagination. As an adult I have highlighted sensitivity and experience things others don’t understand. I feel like the main character. People flock to me when I go places and try to suck away my energy.

      I feel confused in many ways but feel exactly close to the creator source energy.

  16. I’ve always been energy sensitive since I was a child. I’m an Empath and now tend to stay home. Being in crowds or around a lot of people makes me really anxious. I tap into people’s feelings and emotions so fast, I’m very intuitive and used to feel like it’s a curse! I used to be addicted to smoking weed and couldn’t cope if I wasn’t. I No longer smoke because it was hurting my health and I went from being a social butterfly with lots of friends to being unsocial and prefer to stay home with my husband. No longer have all the friends, just a couple who are like me. I know its special and I want to learn how to use this to manifest for the good.

  17. “I just want to eat baked stuff and fall asleep watching Christmas movies.” As a ,” Sensitive” I learn to redirect my focus and energy to situations and individuals that benefits me the most. Great video!

  18. She just summed up my life. Thank you for explaining that I’m normal . I’m an empath by nature . When I walk into a building or place I’m hit with an emotional buffet. I struggle with blocking energy absorption and channeling somewhere else. People who sense my energy tend to always flock to me and tell me their whole life story. Seeing this video can help me better realize what I can work on . Haha I also can feel spiritual energy as well.

  19. I can go in a room an feel the negative and or positive energies sometimes depending on how strong the negative energy is I can sometimes change mood rapidly. I’ve used this skill to help me with my acting.

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