I Became Wealthy When I Learned This | How to Attract Money When You Are Broke


I've made the jump from damaged to affluent, let me reveal you how to draw in money when you are damaged …( have a look at web links below for more).

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My name is Andrea Schulman and I am a LOA material designer. I reveal people just how to utilize the regulation of tourist attraction with SUCCESS.

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51 thoughts on “I Became Wealthy When I Learned This | How to Attract Money When You Are Broke

    1. Hi Andrea, how do I get in contact with you, really need guidance and advice on manifestation, feeling really low, and I’m broke for the longest time, I’m about 45000 dollars in debt, I feel tired and sick, feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders and I don’t know what to do anymore, please help

    2. Great video! I like how are offering tangible usable step by step info for people… It’s one of the things that makes your channel stand out from others. Although I have never been wealthy, I have been in a better financial place than I am now … And one thing I have found is that sometimes tragedy, or hardships of varying degrees or circumstances, can greatly effect a person’s abundance… In all areas. I am recovering from an abusive relationship ( dealing with PTSD, etc..) and coming back from it has effected me in ways I never could have imagined. It really is true that your psychological state effects your physical world. Ie: thoughts become things. I am basically starting over trying to rebuild myself, and my life.. I am at a point where I want to go for my dreams ..I don’t want to just settle for mediocre. I’ve been seeking inspiration, and realistic financial advice, hence landing on your channel, and I’m hoping to find some good mentors. Anywho, I resonated with your channel and your work right off the bat, and I wanted to reach out and let you know that your story is inspiring. I know I’ve said this before on a prior post, but I have been down similar roads and in similar circumstances. So it hit close to home and It really motivates me to keep going when I see someone that over came similar hardships, now living a successful life and helping others as well! Keep up the great work! ( Fellow Michigan girl here, with a dream of going somewhere warm and sunny myself! Working on making that a reality!) ☺️?❤️

    3. @Sanjay Barsathy I can relate to how you feel… It’s so easy to get over whelmed and feel like you’re just drowning. It’s a domino effect I know all too well. I don’t know exactly what kind of debt you have, but one thing I tell my mom with her bills when she gets upset and panics because she can’t pay them all…I tell her to start with what HAS to be paid now. Necessities… Housing, utilities, basic needs. Make sure those are covered at least the best you can. If you can’t, contact the creditor or the utility company and work out a payment plan… They WILL work with you. There is also state help with utilities and housing… Secondary bills like credit cards, medical bills, etc… Send them what you can.. Even if it’s only 1$. I know that sounds pointless, but they can’t bleed the money from a person. It also helps to call them… Negotiate a smaller payment. Tell them what’s going on and why you can’t pay… They will also work with you. By taking some of those steps, it will help you to feel better… And raise your vibration… It will ease the feelings your having and give you some control over the situation. There is ALWAYS a way to get through something… I hope this helps. Ive been in your shoes.

  1. If you’re broke and you find a penny, you can always make the statement: ” I am now more abundant than I was yesterday”

    1. @Shąrę Even if you choose not to pick them up, just acknowledge it as evidence of your abundance,and that even the mightiest amount of money has to start from one humble penny

  2. Live-in jobs are so underrated by so many people. Whether it’s in a private household, or a ski or fishing lodge, it’s a great way to save money and to make contacts. Bonus that you don’t have to worry about rent and payments, just concentrate on doing your job well. Simply being around the people who will be near these venues will increase your own expectations.
    Every time I took on a new job I didn’t see it as a ‘job’, but an education and a stepping stone. Think of it as education that you don’t have to pay for.

  3. I’m so glad that life doesn’t have to be hard. Like the fact that we can literally get ANYTHING we want if we follow the universal laws is insane and makes so much sense

  4. I’m originally from Michigan and I moved to Florida a few years ago. I’ve been listening to your advice and I’ve improved my credit and money mindset. Thank you ?

  5. I love your videos, they’ve made such a difference to my mindset. Since listening to your advice I’ve noticed that more money has been coming to me in various ways, and I have just been given the largest salary increase of my 20 year career, without even asking for it! ???

  6. I am from walled lake Michigan and now live in Pennsylvania I know I manifested my home and property here
    My husband is disabled and has been trying to win his social security case for five years I started studying the law of attraction 8 months ago and have been able to help him become more positive so we can win his case
    I tell myself daily that we are humble millionaires that are deserving and worthy
    I say out loud daily when anything bad or good happens okay god and universe how can it get better than this
    I feel something really big financially is coming to us I know I just have to remain positive loving kind to myself and others and have more fun
    Everything is always working out for me and for that I am truly grateful
    Thank you for your wisdom Andrea

  7. I loooooved when you said “living from paycheck to paycheck is unacceptable”! I loved your video! Thank you so much ?

  8. You sure turned out nice Andrea. Well done!

    The most powerful manifesting tool I have found is being in a constant state of gratitude.
    Be constantly thankful for EVERYTHING. Yes. Good and bad. You are creating it so condemning your creation is counter-productive. Worry is just a colossal waste of your imagination.

  9. I love the bike metaphor because I definitely remember when I was a beginner at riding a bike and it was wobbly. I even fell a few times, but I got back up, started over and kept trying. Eventually, I did pick up momentum and it was 2nd nature. Thanks for that ??

  10. My second time watching this & really learning things & can relate to it! It’s a pleasure to hear from a beautiful woman who has broken her own negative barriers. Great advice!

  11. I like how real and authentic you are, telling us you had humble beginnings is what makes me take you seriously. Thanks!

  12. Nobody becomes millionaire or A billionaire’s by working for others And depending on them , Good investment bring millions of dollars , And consistency bring billions , the market is all about cryptocurrency at the moment now.

    1. My growing love for crypto caused me to explore until I came across Mrs Charlotte (although I’m trying to avoid sensationalism) they are by far the best. No hype for hype’s sake, but great inspiration to trade Crypto.

  13. I feel rich when I’m in a state of gratitude. It has become a morning ritual, I just meditate on every little and big thing!

  14. I have been asked to apply for a really high paying corporate job but have been too afraid. Thank you for your message, it came tome at the right time – I really have nothing to loose!

  15. Thank you for this awesome financial abundance advice. Just what I needed right now. Keep inspiring people. God bless you and more power!

  16. Building wealth is in your mindset, work on that and your financial potentials becomes exponential, develop good habits like regularly putting money away in intervals for investments .The financial market has plenty of opportunities to earn.. I made my first million from passive investing in diverse assets mainly stocks ,bonds, etfs.. i use a wealth manager and it’s been a year of steady growth..

    1. You are totally correct about that as a noob I tried hardly to understand the basics! good on your manager I understand the importance of one!

    2. Did a quick search and found her web page. she seems very proficient, I wrote her and I’m waiting on her reply.

  17. I think money is a language everyone understands, it’s either you’re buying or selling something but increasing your figures is just a necessity. Best you multiply your incomes via investments, at least this way you’re ensured consistent passive incomes, totally works for me…..

    1. ‘Noud K Mikan’ has been my guide investing in the trades market, he’s an SEC accredited expert and his system’s the reason I’m so profitable investing, earnestly it has been worthwhile, good profits and little to no engagement on my side

  18. Yes, I totally agree. I started my fence company with a truck a few tools, after ten years now the fence company has two trucks and five employees. Next years goal is to have three trucks and seven employees with a piece of property for me to build the fence company on. Thanks for your encouragement,..you have a way about building confidence to build and maintain momentum.

  19. I thank you and I will forever appreciate this channel , you ve helped me and my family a lot in your videos, In your advice,lesson and funny words are really inspirational and helpful .my family and i have been able to minimal,conscious in spending,saving and investing wisely,I now earning every week you’re sure a blessing to this generation,we really love you

    1. Trading has not been going well with me, I have invested alot of time and failed,I traded on my own but each time I keep losing money.I don’t have good strategies towards the market

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