The Most Powerful Guided Meditation to Manifest What You Want in Life | Instant Results [Must Try!!]


This is one of the most powerful guided meditation for manifestation yet. Utilizing the law of tourist attraction to assist you elevate your vibrational frequency instantaneously to link to the universe so that you can materialize and also attract what you desire in life.


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69 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Guided Meditation to Manifest What You Want in Life | Instant Results [Must Try!!]

  1. My hopes and prayers as that everyone reading this has the desires of their heart manifested as long as it’s good things. I wish you all peace, love, joy, happiness, financial security and everything good the universe has to offer. My dreams WILL come true!

  2. This WORKS. My dad called and we are moving into his house next weekend. Thank you universe for finally giving me a home
    update: we moved again to an even nicer house. and thank you everyone for your blessings. I am truly grateful.

  3. this is literally so powerful!!! I manifested for like 1-2monts but i didnt get the results i wanted. Then i tried this and the next day my manifestation came true!!!

  4. If you’re reading this then this is a sign your ability to manifest whatever you desire is growing. Keep meditating, keep developing your ability to manifest wonderful things into your life. You deserve them and I believe in you, sending Love and Peace your way ?????

    1. *You can create anything*
      *Nothing is impossible*
      *You can change your life*
      *You can have anything in your life*

      …… *Dolores Cannon*

  5. You all, this really works. The most important key is to LET GO and ALLOW. Don’t let go of your goal, rather let go of the attachments, obsessions and outcomes. The universe is so powerful and all we have to do is trust and allow the universe to work for you instead of resisting it. Thank you master for your wonderful work.

    -Peace and love to everyone!

  6. Hi Team! I am using this meditation to get 70/100 on two of my exams due on coming Tuesday and Thursday and I am also manifesting passing my degree with 70% marks overall. Results will be out by May or June 2021. Will keep you guys posted. So grateful for the lovely meditation and comments full of hope. I pray people reading this manifest all their deepest desires and believe in the power of the Universe.

  7. I have never thought this would work. And i rarely comment on any videos. But THIS one i have to say Thank You very much Master! My manifestation just came through 1hr ago when he asked me to be his life partner. Definitely effort must be put in from both sides, but this just speed things up and i am so glad to have gone through it. I hope the manifestation works for you all too 😀

  8. It’s so freakin weird but I can actually FEEL the universe vibrating (like a dance) to my visual, as if all of heaven and earth are loving it and wanting it as much as I do. I can also see that my ability to feel the emotions of my visualization is increasing everyday.

    1. So did I. In my vision I was with my wife and kids all cudling and I shouted .. WE DID iT.

  9. It was amazing. My body was shaking and started crying. I felt so happy, I can feel my results are with me. I’m trying to believe I have my result from long time but it was first time I really felt it on my body. When you talked how to vizualize it helped a lot!!! Thank you so much

  10. This was so powerful that tears tickled down my cheek while doing this meditation. I’m 1000% sure now that my manifestation will come true. Thank you, master.

    1. Do you have to keep breathing in and out while mediating? I feel like that’s the part nobody mentions or do you just stay still after being in a good position ?

  11. I got the exact thing this weekend (job, monthly amount of money I envisioned – Even the people I was with when I pictured that scenario happening. unreal!!) that I’ve been practicing through this video for the last two months. Keep with it because it really does work ??

  12. Was dealing with a situation that produced a lot of anxiety. This meditation truly helped me and my manifestations came true! If you’re reading this, may all your desires become reality!!!✨

  13. Just wanted to let you all know that this works! I lost my mother, father and just recently, my only sibling. I thought I had the worst luck! Failed marriage, failed relationships, abuse, etc.. then I started on the path to meditation and found this video! Within months, I won the lottery!! This REALLY WORKS!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! To god, the universe, my angels and guides – and especially to Master for this video! ❤️

    1. I lost my parents , brother and now my husband who was 51 I’m left all by myself I’m worried about finances and have no one to care about me it’s so scary I hope something good can happen for me I can’t stop crying I can’t believe what happened to my life all my loved ones taken from me

  14. Here to thank this channel for existing. This entire manifestation worked like wonders ?
    Today I passed my Medical licensing exam in my very first attempt.
    I got one mark less than my manifested marks but that’s alright . I visualized the exact scene and it happened ?♥️ I am so grateful to the universe for making this come true ⭐️

    1. Hi am a medico 2019 march mbbs output from Karnataka state INDIA, may i know which licensing exam u wrote; bcz i am planning to give German pg so may i have some idea if u r giving trying the same

  15. I listened to this every night and now I was able to manifest my promotion! This works but you have to align your actions and thoughts to your manifestation. And believe in yourself!! ❤️

  16. Tried this today before going to job interview, I didn’t know who i was gonna see or what kind of environment it was gonna be like but i imagined/visualised something and even the table and chairs were in the place how i imagined them andd i got the job. So it happened within 2-3 hours?, thank you ❤️

  17. Please turn off the ad in the middle. I was about to get in flow and the ad played after the breathing ?

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