Manifest UNEXPECTED Money in 48 Hours or Less | Guided Meditation [Extremely Powerful!!]


If you are seeking to Manifest Cash using the regulation of attraction after that You MUST Shot this Powerful Guided Meditation. This is the supreme LOA examination that you can witness within two days. BUT Ensure to allow GO of The EXPECTATION of end result! Don't consider it in the next 48 hours once you've finished the reflection. For finest results full this meditation initial thing in the morning when you awaken and last this before you sleep.
Conserve the video as well as Come back to let us understand in the remarks your results, also if it's just showing up a coin on the ground. Bear in mind DON'T search for it, it will ask for you!;-RRB-.
Love as well as prayers for all of you!
Sri Akarshana.

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62 thoughts on “Manifest UNEXPECTED Money in 48 Hours or Less | Guided Meditation [Extremely Powerful!!]

  1. If you’re reading this you are divinely protected and all of your needs and wants are already met. Give thanks for all of your growth and current abundance for life is changing and we are constantly receiving the BEST things for us.

  2. Those who are meditating on this will receive overflowing money. What we believe will truly manifest in our lives.

  3. If you are reading this May your depts be cleared and miracles come to you very soon
    Blessings to you xxxx

  4. Mother universe has our back… Power lies within us… This guided meditation deeply relaxes us and helps us attract all the blessings from universe that’s in store for us.. Anyone listening to this I wish them all the best as lots of courage, power, joy, success and good health coming their way as a bonus cos that’s how we are truly abundant in all manners… ❤️❤️

  5. This is not an accident when you read this. I want you to know that EVERYTHING WILL TURN OUT ALRIGHT. Blessings upon blessings come to you daily. Everything you NEED is on its way! You are healthy. You are strong. Wealth is on its way! You are blessed beyond measure! You are loved. Accept this, for this your TRUTH! I Bless YOU ALWAYS with every good that YOU deserve!

    1. The Universe aligns everything for me now, Wealth is on its way now! This meditation brings forth much gratitude in my heart & I understand everything now! Namaste!

  6. I used this and an hour later I received $70 it’s not a lot but it’s a sign. I’m in no rush either and I’m thankful ??

  7. I started this last night and fell ssleep during the meditation. Did it again this morning and I’m ready to receive and enjoy the abundance coming my way ????????

  8. I never leave comments on vids but this one I will! Take my word this absolutely works!!! I listened to this last night while falling asleep this morning I woke up with amazing news! I am grateful that I can now pay off All my credit card bills !!!!
    I attracted this money and it’s now mine! Thank you universe for the abundance I have received! And the abundance I will continue to receive all week long!!

    1. So question, i have never once meditated in my life cuz its impossible for to me relax or sit still, i been reading comments that said they listened to this and got results so do i need to just listen or actually follow along with instruction? Im really high strung it would be difficult to sit still and relax

  9. This meditation is so powerful. I could feel the frequencies radiating from my head & even my tongue. Thank you for this beautiful video. May everyone have an abundance of wealth, health, happiness and love ❤️

  10. It is almost scary how every single time I listen to this, money comes to me. I only use it when I really need it and it has yet to fail me. Thank you for this!!!

  11. This really works!!! I’m not a millionaire yet but can put food on the table, so so greatful Thank you so much.❤

  12. Legit AF I listened to this earlier and by 5pm realized I had received a large amount of money literally out of nowhere! It was so awesome! I remember when I received the news I shrieked with excitement and instantly thanked the Universe for delivering the financial abundance to me so fast! ???☺️

  13. Positive vibes = Positive Outcomes I Pray whoever reads this becomes successful and get where they wanna be in life you got this you can do whatever you put your mind to?????

  14. Whoever reading this.. May you be blessed with love success, happiness always. Thank you Universe ?

  15. Every single time I do this meditation, I always receive an amount of money?. Thank you for this guided meditation, and I hope everyone who sees this has a lovely day?

  16. I rarely comment, and i can’t express how happy I’m to receive the magic… I just heard and meditated less than half of this video and I slept… And the next day miracle happened.. I got 1500 bucks from my mom… Tysm for this powerful meditation☺

  17. I am so grateful that after listening to this guided meditation, within less than 48 hours I received $4000 out of nowhere. I am so happy and grateful for this abundance. Thank you Universe 🙂

  18. I had to comment! This is the only guided meditation that worked right away. I’m so shocked! I did it the night before and in the morning received income ? thank you and I wish you all abundance

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