Manifest Money FAST Meditation | Listen For 21 Days While You Sleep [EXTREMELY POWERFUL!!]


If you are looking to manifest money fast and wanting the best sleep meditation for it, this is the best 21 day meditation track for it.
Works better than a lot of the money affirmations and law of attraction tracks out there.
Listen to this for minimum 21 days while you sleep to change and raise you vibrations to attract more money into your life.


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76 thoughts on “Manifest Money FAST Meditation | Listen For 21 Days While You Sleep [EXTREMELY POWERFUL!!]

    1. Not true. Freedom comes from peace within and it is nothing that money could ever bring to life or buy.

      Being at peace is bliss with every moment of life. Being at home in the heart, no matter the place. Freedom comes from within with being at peace with nothing and knowing that one has all that is necessary.

      Sure, the tool that money is, could bring a sense of ease of mind to someone’s life, yet it will never bring true freedom or peace.

    2. Bingo! They say money can’t buy happiness, but life is a lot less stressful when you’re not living paycheck to paycheck

  1. Manifesting this: I will wealthy, I will get the job I want, I will not need to work 3 jobs to feel financially stable. Wealth and abundance is on its way

    1. I hope you receive such an overflowing of Abundance that you don’t have to work at that you buy your house, car property, n help your family n others that are in need
      God’s Blessings Upon You
      Believe you shall receive count it as already DONE

  2. This works guys, i had money that was held somewhere and i got it after about 14hrs of my first listening to it. My online business has been picking up as well. Thank so much for this Master Sri for doing this for us. I’ll continue listening to it and will be letting you know ?

  3. Listening to this music almost every day at night. It gives me peace. I know I’m blessed and so are you. Sending lots of love and blessings for the 2021. Have a good one??

    1. let me introduce you to someone who helped me get my lover back and my relationship was restored without delay within few days… And I’m happy again..

  4. Tonight marks my first night, of many nights. May we all receive what our hearts desire. Embrace your abundance ✨

  5. I love this new chapter of life I’m in. I have more than enough and no longer stress about bills or money. My refrigerator is stocked, my pantry is packed, my bills are paid months in advance, i have a home with my wife that brings us so much joy. We are breaking financial generational curses and teaching younger generations how to manage money and heal. I appreciate everything about life and I am on the TOP FLOOR !!!!!


  6. I have been listening to this for almost a year every single day then some how I mistakenly choice another sound a few months ago and the manifestation stopped and didn’t know why until I realize I was listening to something different when I put this back on OMG! I get a blessing almost daily! Since I have started listening to this I have manifested over 50k and my business has grown so fast I have to hire an assistant! Y’all I was practically homeless when I started listening to this and now I’m about to get a home of my own and my husband and I will be living under the same roof for the first time in 3 yrs! This works! Keep believing!
    Please excuse my name my grandson who is autistic uses my YouTube Channel ???

  7. I got so emotional and started crying I just want everyone to be happy and love each other, no more worries, no more debts no more struggle, tomorrow will be better and brighter
    I love you all very much

  8. Started listening to this music almost a week ago. I just got promoted as manager! You are amazing, God! Thank you for sending the blessing through the positivity that brings hope to me through this music. God bless all the ones listening to this, too!

    1. i want. faster. now $50million i am now $50million. god give me $50million thank. u so much. god i am very very million. girl. person. thank. u god i wish

  9. I listened to this for 7-8 days alternatively, not even for eight hours. The universe gifted me a job out of nowhere. I am so blessed and grateful. I hope everybody finds peace and success.

  10. Just reading these comments prove what loving caring people are in this world who genuinely want others to achieve their own desires and find that better place in the world. BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL?

  11. This is not an accident when you read this. I want you to know that EVERYTHING WILL TURN OUT ALRIGHT. Blessings upon blessings come to you daily. Everything you NEED is on its way! You are healthy. You are strong. Wealth is on its way! You are blessed beyond measure! You are loved. Accept this, for this your TRUTH! I Bless YOU ALWAYS with every good that YOU deserve!

  12. To everyone who reads this – I hope everything you desire comes to you 10 fold. Blessings upon blessings to you. ✨✨✨

  13. This is my 2nd, and I already got the miracle today! It really works ! Believe, imagine what you want as if you already have it, always have positive mindset, (no more negativity). Thank you, thank you, thank you !

  14. As you read this, know that the Universe is sending us generational wealth and abundance just as it will send you and anyone else who listens to this music. I will give you all the first thumbs up to receive all and everything you desire. GOD bless!

  15. Yesterday I left this for full play during my sleep and today I had the most successful day financially wise in my life so far.
    Might be complete coincidence but I’ll keep doing it 🙂

  16. Everyday in every way, the universe is making me abundant and wealthy. I am lucky in all situations, I’m always at the right place at the right time. Thank you Universe for tuning me into the abundance frequency now?

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